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Joker: Folie à Deux | Official Teaser Trailer is amazing in every way it should be.

Joker and Harley Quinn kiss

Joker came like a freight train almost four years ago now... damn... I am old... It was a new more grounded take on the clown prince of crime, that wasn't all, Honka! Honka! like Jared Leto's portrayal of the same character.

The movie from the beginning is focused on one thing, to show us one straight thing, the Joker, has a terrible life, and in giving the Joker a back story, it somehow made him a no body, and it's amazingly done. the clown prince becomes the true Joker when he kills his own previous role model, Murray.

Never has there been a more emotional depiction of the Joker, and never has it been more amazing.

So now where do you go with this amazing continuity?

You make a musical of course... wait what?

Joker Folie a deux doesn't sound like something you would expect to be made at least on first glance, you wouldn't look at whatever the Joker was and immediately go, yeah that... that needs a Musical.

But it is exactly what you would expect when you start to think about it.

Harley Quinn points a gun at Arthur Fleck/Joker

Harleen Quinzel later shortened to Harley Quinn in the comics is an Arkham Asylum psychiatrist who is assigned to the Joker but over time ends up manipulated and falls for the Joker.

In the comics Harley Quinn is very much a subordinate to the Joker, there is a clear power Dynamic, in which she is constantly trying to please him and be his perfect girl, although, that actually makes her more dangerous as she is ready to go above and beyond to prove her worth by being exceptionally violent even more so than the joker.

She is also more driven by emption making her more unpredictable, but in no way less calculating as she is after all, a trained clinical psychiatrist.

But this is a different form of the Joker, what do we do, to fit into this version of the Joker? Well this version doesn't really care to be chaotic, like the comic book version does, yes, he finds beauty in chaos, but he is really content in himself, he doesn't feel the need to prove himself as hyper chaotic to the others, the only thing that can get his attention is true companionship.

In the comics, Harley Quinn catches the Joker's attention as a tool to use, specifically for his escape from the Asylum, here that will not happen, this Joker needs an equal.

Someone who as the trailer says, wants to see the real him.

Harley Quinn paints a red smile with her lipstick

And what is the best way to show that two people are perfect for each other than to show them dancing in perfect coordination without much practice, just naturally.

And how do you combine that with the previous movie's theme of not letting the viewer know what is and isn't real?

Well shared hallucination, or, the name of this movie: Folie a Deux.

Which is a real phenomenon by the way, shared hallucination is the recorded cause for many cases of mass hysteria.

Shit... that is what will happen in this movie too won't it?

Arthur and Harley run away.

I am a little confused in this case, it seems like Harleen is a patient alongside Arthur in this version of events, but then there are scenes of her outside the Asylum, so she is at least initially, less dangerous.

Either that or they are staying true to the comics and Harleen is still a doctor at the Asylum that falls for Arthur like she did in the comics.

Regardless, there are so... so many parallels drawn between Harley and the Joker in this trailer, like the staircase scene, the making a finger pistol scene, which btw... how does she know? Well I mean it seems like she was deliberately making a gesture that she thought he would recognize... or maybe that's just random, it is a common enough gesture that one.

And of course, there is the doing the classic make up scene along with the bloody smile scene, those two are just amazing above and beyond.

Harley makes a blood smile on herself to parallel Joker from the final scene of the last movie.

The first movie got a lot of flack for humanizing a straight up murderer and a criminal.... well... it does seem this movie is going to do a lot more of that...

I mean people do become very uncomfortable when they realize the evil within themselves, that's why the demonize people. Realizing that heinous criminals are people just like them, is something most won't be able to deal with, cause then... what differentiates them right?

And I fully expect the Media the kick up a shit storm like they did last time, because they were shown a mirror too.

Guess this one will show a mirror to someone else, who knows.

On that note, why is the Joker bein chased by the Joker? My interpretation is that this is just one of his followers dressed as him, who for some reason has beef with the real deal, or this one is claiming to be the real deal while chasing the actual real deal, calling him "fake"... Idk this scene is confusing, it could be symbolic, Arthur trying to run away as the Joker catches up to him.

Just like the previous movie, it's hard to tell what the actual hell is going on in this trailer, keeping that consistency guys, I see.

And that my friends is the beauty of this franchise, not knowing what the fuck is going on.

Arthur runs away from the Joker.

And what the world needs now is love by Jackie DeShannon? Amazing music choice, Just like smile by Nat King Cole. That movie was about the Joker learning to smile, and this one, is about him learning to/finding love.

Also, for why do Americans write dates in this manner? Like for us over here in India, it is Date:Month:Year, which makes sense, because the first one is what people see at a glance, and on a day to day basis, that is what changes, and therefore that is what matters, on a daily Basis, you don't really care what month it is, unless it's February, the awkward and weird outlier of the family of months, if there is one.

So... why... in the world... would you write... the month first... no one cares... why do you give the month more importance than the date... which is what most people refer to in everyday conversation, why is everything in America so unnecessarily complicated? miles instead of Kilometers, Pounds instead of Kilograms, why do you guys, go to such ridiculous lengths to not use the metric standardized system?

See I am so mad about this, because 10.4.2024, was my 24th birthday in the day:month:year system, so I thought, Damn... Joker 2 already came out? and that too on my birthday? that's the best birthday gift ever.... but no... this is America bitch. they must feel special, not you, you... do not matter.

Joker 2 Release date as shown in the teaser trailer.


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