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The Boys Franchise was going great, then they gave us Tek Knight.

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Tek Knight laughing at the line "plunging its depths"
Yes we all have that immature moment don't we?

Ah yes, my favorite activity, taking a dark and disgusting utterly despicable... topic(I was tempted to say rabbit hole) and "plunging its depths".

So what is todays... plunging topic?

Well Tek knight, is what.

You see Tek knight was the Boys version of Iron Man(at least in the comics.

Iron man being a true man

You know I could pick a more dignified image of Tek Knight, but I am afraid it doesn't exist.

So while we are on this topic lets once again go through the impeccable Garth Ennis design philosophy when it comes to superheroes.

1.This is superman but he eats babies.(yes Homelander ate babies in the comics)

Homelander eats a baby

2. Captain America but he's a f*cking coward who got his entire team killed... also he wet his pants.(man this person reminds me of Jenson Ackles so much).

Soldier boy pisses himself

3.We have Iron man, but he is a pervert.(that better not be foreshadowing.)

Iron man being a true man
you go king!

4. These are the X-men but professor X is that uncle your mom warns you about.

John Godolkin is that man your mom warned you about

Goddammit Garth Ennis, I get that you are bitter but seriously dude.

As you can see the whole thing is the most Juvenile immature attempt to through shade at superheroes, except actual Juvenile immature people can't read it thanks to all the blood and guts.

The Boys show, and in the same vein Gen V, is more mature, and a more grounded complex look at what superpowers can do to a person an how they can have a corrupting nature. Characters are complex they engage in conflicts and bounce off of each other to form a well woven narrative.

You know for once it is good that an adaptation isn't faithful to the source material, Oh wait NO TEK KNIGHT WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Tek Knight enjoying the best blowjob(vacuum cleaner) ever

Yes... so the one time they decided to go full source material, was on one of the most disrespectful, utterly disgusting storylines in the comics, perfect.

So for those of you that don't know, Tek Knight in the comics had a brain tumor and that tumor caused him to have an unusually high libido and so... he becomes a pervert, has a hard one for their version of the vision, and then he ejaculated in his therapists coffee, so he had to die... I guess... because he went too far...

I... don't need to explain why that story line is a problem... I hope.

So the boys, you decided to make Tek Knight a pervert, sure, be my guest... but why isn't he... iron man? Like seriously, you made him just a regular old supe with... I'm guessing ultra high definition zooming in powers?

When They showed Tek Knights powers as being able to zoom in uncomfortably close to people

At least comics Tek Knight was a genius, well so is this one cause he runs a detective show, but this is more so his unusual noticing skills which are due to.... drum roll please.... Compound V!

Like what the hell man you took this character which was already bad enough and made him worse, perfect.

And I get it, tumors do cause such kind of behavioral tendencies, but show that has been taking a sensitive approach to things such as racism and sexual harassment suddenly decides, ah yes you know what, we making fun of this condition.

What could go wrong? And yes the show has been known to make light of certain situations before, but like I don't know, it still did have an overall mature tone, this is the first time I have seen something in the boys universe that just went, teehee funny man go put pee pee in doughnut, LAUGH!

I hope this isn't a sign of things to come, I would really hate for the Boys to turn into, trench coat wearing emo cool guys beat up costume weirdos, which is what the comic essentially was.

Also The boys all had V, the moral debate at the center of season 3? Whether or not those fighting supe should become supes themselves? Yeah that didn't exist in the comics, they were all supes, I would hate for something with so much thought and complexity to become unnecessary shock factor the show.

Trench coat wearing weirdos, Aka The Boys from The Boys comics/
Don't make this a reality or so god help me.


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