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Hi everyone, you may know me as G.C.Nightwalker, I am an indie author, Youtuber and I blog in this site sometimes about Movies and Games I like, but my name is Gopal Chakraborty(that's where the G and C comes from) and Nightwalker is because I wrote most of my first novel, Dreams of Perfection on too many of my sleepless nights as an escape from my darkness and an outlet for my very dark imagination which without an outlet would always get in the way of every thing I ever did, in the form of my deep anxiety, unreasonable, irrational fear of the future and as my torturous and unyielding nightmares, both while sleeping and while awake. It took me a very long time to realize that this was indeed a blessing and not a curse. I'm thankful that I did, or I wouldn't be where I am would I? 

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26th feb 2021

Dreams of Perfection as an Idea first came to me as a ten year old fan of harry potter, who had a few issues with the story, since then, it has undergone so many changes, of all my reviews till date, only one realized the harry potter connection in the slightest, as I mentioned above, I used to write as a way to deal with my demons, but I never completed a manuscript or took it seriously till that one faithful night during my seventh grade mid-sems when studying was a pain in the ass, and I just wanted out, and I wrote my first(terrible) novel, The series was to be called Future diaries (I've heard there is an anime by that name now, if that is true, I have nothing to do with that, and It has nothing to do with me) and the first book, the one I wrote was called The Salvation of Kronos, I still have that by the way, but If you read this novel, you will realize Kronos is still a character in this story and a lot of my plan for him is hidden in that novel, and its terrible writing, so I will share no further details, Dreams of Perfection was meant to be a sequel to the Salvation of Kronos, soon it became it's own thing and all attempts to publish the salvation of Kronos were fruitless and so I went on with this. 
I will say, after I wrote that first book, I really dropped the ball on this project, I would like to say I had good reason, truth was I was simply in dreamland, a place which can be a blessing if used sparingly, and detrimental if you become addicted and spend more time in there than it calls for.
Then my final year of school came along, and that was just the worse, for multiple reasons I can't disclose, and one I can, that is the death of my favorite musician Chester Bennington, and where does one turn during dark times but to creativity? That's how the prologue to this came along, as a short story I wrote in my darkest time, and then I came to college and got a whole new found freedom, rest is history.

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I wish I looked like this in real life lol!


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