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So I was wrong, someone is interested in me after all, either that or no one is reading this page ever, which is statistically unlikely, although that would be something that god (if the bastard/bastards exists) would like to throw at me innit? pretty funny guy that god I tell you, loves to play practical Jokes like this one. And now I realize this was just meant to be a by line and now I have ruined it.
Life is so hard...

Ah yes, the most dreaded question ever, you know whenever someone asks me, "please tell us about yourself Gopal", me brain goes like "well if you want to know about me, how about ya put in the goddamn work by spending some time with me, I mean chances are ya be pretty intolerable yerself, I am doing you a FAVOUR by gracing you with my presence, now you want me to do YOUR hard labour for you too? Nah mate, nah! NAH! " and while all of that is going through my brain we both realize that what was first just a silence of politeness has officially transitioned to awkward silence and further more to what the fuck is going on, then to why am I here, what wrong life choices did I make, what is life? And now neither of us have a single fecking clue if the other person is still there because they are being polite, because they are being awkward, they have nothing better to do, they are too far gone into dreamland to care, want to give us an awkward hug or skewer us and then cook us over a slow fire with added extra seasoning. But then I stopped being seventeen and realized the importance of putting oneself out there, especially if one wishes not to die alone in a cave, under a moldy rock where cows have pissed so many times that it smells, even after a million rains and flods, was that too specific? Get used to it. Anyways with this hefty preamble out of the way(yes that was a preamble, deal with it), you will be happy to know, that I intend to keep the actual thing pretty short. such Ironies life shows us, Goddamn...


Hi, I am Gopal Chakraborty, You may know me as G.C.Nightwalker, I am a self published Author, Hardcore Gamer, Youtuber, and I am a huge cinephile, and love to review them for the fun of it, I was born, tenth April 2000 to my wonderful parents, I started my schooling at the age of three, stayed in the same school for my entire school life, I took science with Physics, Chem, Mathematics and Biology in my eleventh grade, passed twelfth in 2018, Joined a research institute the same year, I am in my final/thesis year there now, In me third year I took mathematics as a major.(I know, great combination!) I got my first Ideas at ten, started writing at thirteen, finished my first at fourteen, Published my first on 26th Feb 2021, amidst the COVID Pandemic, I play a LOT of games, as evidenced by me YouTube channel have been since me was eleven, I always play on the hardest difficulty being a souls like player, and I am huge cinephile, I shall use this blog as a way to post my views on whatever I watch, hopefully as I watch it.

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