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Demon Slayer The Hashira Training Arc Episode 5 Nothing too new.

Mitsuri makes her Trainees Twirl for their training

This season is shaping out to be one of those seasons, you know the ones which are just pure fan service and nothing else, okay, that's not fair, but it is one that people will enjoy only if they are already fans of the series and not as much if they aren't already invested in the series.

You see because this arc is essentially the slayers just hanging out and having random shenanigans like Tanjiro being fed pancake by Mitsuri.

Or Tanjiro being forced to stretch way too much by Mitsuri.

Mitsuri stretches her Trainees far too much

Alright, for obvious reasons, a lot of it is Tanjiro, given that he is the main character.

But also, this episode is the first to break from the mold of, Tanjiro goes to X Hashira to be trained and teaches X Hashira something in turn.

Because this episode is three different Hashira, Mitsuri the pancake feeder, Iguro the insecure guy, and Sanemi the bad brother.

Iguro's Bokuto bends in ways some consider to be unnatural

I say Iguro the insecure guy, because he doesn't like Tanjiro talking to Mitsuri like they are chums, because the woman known to talk about everyone in a super sweet manner, was sweet about him.

And Sanemi is a bad brother because he learns that his little brother ate Demons to fight them, and straight up goes to murder him.

Sanemi attacks his younger brother Genya Shinazugawa

Iguro's training does make sense from his breathing style perspective, as it is about weaving your sword through tight spaces, but then again, it seems only Tanjiro is being trained, what about the others who are tied up everywhere, is their training, just to learn how to stay calm when an attack goes so close by to you?

Maybe, Idk, or maybe they did train, and we just didn't see it.

Sanemi goes the more Traditional, just all of you attack me route, obviously, and just as usual, Tanjiro is the one who is reprimanded for going against a higher ranking Sanemi when Sanemi was the one acting out of line...

Getting some real, Indian education system vibes from this.

Tanjiro get's a formal Reprimand for "attacking" Sanemi

Well I guess I was wrong about Tanjiro not attending Sanemi's training, he did attend it, he just got banned from ever attending it again, which is I guess not something one would complain about.

However, Tanjiro and Zenitsu then go to the Rock Hashira, Himejima Gyomei, who is just sitting causally in the fire, like the absolute chad he is.

Gyomei sitting with heavy logs and rocks on his shoulders inside a fire.

And I must say, I am even more convinced that Sanemi looks like a cross between Rayuga and Kyoya.

Other than that, I don't know what else there is to say about this episode, other than Tanjiro is a Sassy Baka who tells Sanemi that the feeling of not having accepted the other is mutual.

As such, this is the first episode in this season that doesn't add anything to the source material but just follows it diligently

Sanemi says he hasn't accepted Tanjiro


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