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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol3, is it really that good?

Okay I'll drop the suspense, yes, yes it is. Go watch it now before reading this cause it is full of spoilers, you have been warned. I literally just came from the theatre and I can't stop thinking about how good everything felt. Especially the high evolutionary, not as a character, but as a concept, what he represents.

The guardians as a concept are peak found family and the acceptance of things as they are, even if they appear broken. So the high evolutionary, someone who strives for his version of 'perfection' is the perfect antithesis and antagonist to fight them, especially when you take into account the fact that he made rocket racoon into what he is today, in his Quest for perfection.

Don't get me wrong he is not a complex villain by anymeans but the threat he poses is very complex and intricate, in a world where technology has gotten to the point that we can reasonably think of genetically engineered humans, the question ever remains what are the ethics behind this?

For some they are as clear as day, genetic engineering is too far, it shouldn't exist and humans shouldn't interfere with something so fundamental and sacred, but here's the thing that has always been the case with medical advancements everytime something new has come up, historically it's been opposed, after all, if someone suffers from extreme radiation poisoning they won't die, but because their genes are damaged their body will slowly loose the ability to heal and replinish itself and over time they will die a slow painful death. (Search 1999 tokaimura nuclear incident and the name Hisachi Ouchi and you will see exactly how bad it can get ) Would someone oppose genetic engineering if it could stop that?

But like sure that is fine, that's an extreme case but what about smaller cases, like say a couple expecting a kid who is discovered to have a genetic abnormality should that kid be allowed to suffer the rest of their lives?

And why not take it further why not solve problems thar no one can see? Why not make the average human better? Where is the line?

You see that question, it always bothered me? Not because I disagree with it, hell no, there should always be a line, but how does one put it into words as to why??

Can anyone? I mean other than consent and the general, who decides what is and isn't a problem, which is important no doubt, but I always felt there was more to it. Something that I couldn't put my finger on.

The High evolutionary nails it, linkage in traits, see given any selection of traits no matter how small, one can always sort through them and arrange them in a sequence of increasing or decreasing preference, but seeing that preference has no direct relation to the mechanism of the formation of these traits, it is always possible that two traits ar linked and one of them is preferable and the other one is not, and you might not realize this until very late in the process.

But if you are someone who doesn't dig imperfections, what will you do? Ah I see you destroy and start over eh? Well that's shit because your experiments have life and consciousness probably.

See this what has been lacking in marvel, marvel has always been high quality popcorn entertainment but there has always been food for thought.

Even here the process of genetic enhancement isn't completely villainized, the high evolutionary is clearly one of the insane ones as even his crew turn on him come the end and his god complex comes full mask off, as he kills everyone there.

And this is why the recent marvel projects have bothered me and many others so much, you don't want to be thinking over the moral dilemmas of the God butchering done by Gorr or his wish to kill all gods and then stop half way and be like, wait wtf is a god? Because man that movie did not make it clear what a god is, also thor kills gods, clearly angry at their inaction so thor agrees with gor, on some level, and that's an interesting idea which is never revisited again. Okay...

Guardians does not have this problem you know exactly the villain is doing, why he is doing it, what it represents and why it's a problem.

So that's one thing gone, and I have already rambled on for too long, but there is this other thing right, the marvel humour.

Have you ever noticed that almost every beloved thing has this one bad thing attached to it. The borne movies ruined movie editing by introducing the quick cut action style, except no it makes sense in the context because there they are supposed to be confusing and nauseating. Harry potter created the unnecessary splitting of the last book into two movies trope so that movies can squeeze more money out of it, except, no, there it made sense because the splitting of the book was always a question for every film and the deathly hallows genuinely couldn't have worked as one movie were it not split. Marvel ruined dramatic scenes by adding humour to them, except no, they make sense in context because humour is genuinely a good way to deal with negativity.

All these things have something in common they were initially done in good faith and then others not getting the spirit of the thing tried to copy it superficially and ended up ruining it.

See this was another problem with recent marvel. As the number of projects in a given time increased Fiege became more distant from each project and they had to hire more than usually so instead of just having an A team, they had to add on a B team and a C team and a D team and so on. And the latter ones had to copy the A team and couldn't get the spirit of Marvel and copied it superficially.

Especially the humor, oh my god the humor, someone needed to save that, because Marvel had started to feel more and more like a cheap imitation of itself.

I'm happy to say this isn't the case here either, the humor feels earned and like something that would happen in the moment and not something that has been superficially injected into the situation to fill a quota.

Also wow Marvel you gone done it, you made mr cry over the love story of a genetically modified otter and a racoon wow. Man the love story of Lylla and Rocket hit me right in the feels.

Why did the high evolutionary had to kill them? Goddammit they did nothing wrong, and floor the rabbit, clearly still a child, crying over and over about how the four of them should go now. And then high evolutionary being scratched by rocket, who then picks up a gun ready to shoot to kill, yessss! Give me more of that please, I'll eat it up.

Also, I really thought they were gonna pull a fast one on us and kill off Star Lord, but I must say, what we got is so much better. Man am I actually defending a no death ending in a movie? Wow, what has this movie done to me.

All in all it is a great experience, and definitely something marvel needed at this time, like see, I personally thought marvel was back on track with quantamania but, the internet unanimously decided it's bad so... like I think people are misinterpreting the ending, and I don't blame them, they were burnt on marvel by that time so obviously, they were ready for the worst interpretation/outcome of things, hopefully this restores their faith a little and Marvel can get back to being marvel again, goddammit Chapek you really ruined the whole thing didn't you.

Anyways, randomly blaming CEOs for their companies short comings aside(but seriously Chapek was that bad, the whole of disney celebrated when he was fired.), I do have a couple of confusions like: so draxx is gone right? Like Dave Bautista burnt all the bridges with him, said he is done with the Character? So how are they going to explain his absence or sudden fave chang... I mean completely normal face going forwards? What, is he so dedicated to fatherhood that he forgets he has to save the world? Okay...

And adam warlock right, I definitely expected more of him from the way the trailers protrayed him, but I don't think the movie needed more of him, he was in it the perfect ammount, but like, he committed high treason against the sovereign right? By joining the guardians? I... I don't know, maybe he got away with it thanks to nepotism, but his mom is dead so...

Also just to end this on a positive note, mantis controls the giant battery monsters and rides off into the distance with them. And it's unbelievably badass and I can't believe this has never been done before, definitely should appear in avengers secret wars 100%.

Also groot is big now and has angel wings byeeee.....

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