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Ms. Marvel Episode one was different in all the right ways and yet felt somewhat lacking.

Ms. Marvel Episode one was our first introduction to the Zany world of Kamala Khan, and it served all its purposes really well and was, in my opinion one of the better pilots of the MCU Disney plus series.

Although come to think of it, Pilots weren't really their weakness anyway, it was always the season finale that has consistently sputtered in its landing, except maybe save moon knight, though that was still the weakest of the show in my opinion, but we will talk about that when we get to Ms. Marvel's finale, and that's quite a ways away.

In this first episode We are given an introduction to the mind of Kamala Khan in the best possible way, through her fan retelling of the Avengers endgame battle.

This one of the main appeals of Ms. Marvel for me, that this is essentially one of the fans getting to the position of a super hero, so its a form of wish fulfillment, and the episode being focused on the first MCU Avengers-con and her wanting to win a cosplay competition was definitely something that went in this theme's favor.

Moving on to talk about the family, at first there was a little discrepancy and I wasn't exactly able to relate but that soon faded away. And me being south Asian I definitely related to having a south Asian soccer mom.

And it was heartbreaking on both sides when they agreed to go to the convention but as the hulk, cause captain marvel's costume is "too tight". and over night for their daughter they came up with not one, but two entire cosplays, ya know how hard that is?

But obviously she found it embarrassing typical parent-daughter arguments I say

The other side characters like Bruno were also pretty fleshed out, although I wish they had gone any other angle than the romantic angle with these two, but that's whatever.

But despite all the praise I give to this episode I did feel the over all lack of... MCU ness... what I mean by that is this more so felt like an episode in Kamala Khan the show than ms. Marvel the show. Which is alright, that just wasn't why we came here, I feel like this episode would have been much better suited to a tv show meant to be just about a regular teenage girl's life in the MCU. Which by the way, why hasn't that happened yet? Like what is it like to know that the person next to you could be a super hero/villain, and trying your best to continue with your mundane life while all this fantastical shit happens all around you? I'm going on a tangent.

Regardless, I do believe that there is a chance my criticism will change into praise, once the show gets on with a few more episodes, and the way I imagine this happening is based on what I said earlier, in order for "one of us" i.e. a fan to get powers, the character must first be established as "one of us"

But that's all I have to say so far, other than, this is the very first marvel web series to have a post credit in the very first episode, and it wasn't just something throw away either, it was the department of damage control guy from Spider man No way home! wonder where this will go.

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