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Percy Jackson and the Olympians, lets talk about some of the changes.

Hermes being genuinely sad

I have realized something, Consistency? Not my thing, I have no clue about how in the actual hell some people get out full length video essays and articles within minutes of an episode being out, but I can't do that.

So from now on I'm just going to talk about whatever comes to mind deal?

On that note, coming to the topic of this article, The Percy Jackson series is doing a really good job of capturing the original allure of the series, the idea of teenagers being in control of the biggest changes in the universal events.

See every teenager feels that their emotions and problems are earth shattering, its kind of a need to go through phase in life, so therefore here are some teenagers whose problems actually are, earth shattering.

In my mind the Percy Jackson series using gods and monsters is the perfect metaphor for the world through the eyes of a teenager, its wonder personified in a time when people are just coming to terms with reality and subsequently loosing some of the wonder they had,(god I did not realize how true that was until I wrote it down.) Which I am sure is not coincidental as Rick Riordan started this story as a way to get his children to sleep, a bed time story.

Annabeth lying awake on the bed

And the thing is in order to capture the essence of the show, it is essential that certain elements be changed, not only cause things that work in a book need not necessarily work in a movie or a show, but because when you try too hard to stick to a preexisting framework, inauthenticity shows.(Kinda like in my blog....wowwww.... )

So let's talk about some of them shall we?

Firstly my favorite change from the source material, the way Medusa is treated/portrayed.

"Not everyone who looks like a monster is a monster and not everyone who looks like a hero is a hero." I am so happy they took this route.

Medusa was mistreated and bullied by two gods and called a monster for it, yes she committed uncountable atrocities after the fact but it is no stretch to say that medusa was very much made by the gods to be who she is.

And which is why I love the fact that Alecto the fury is scared of medusa.

I love that she wants to support Percy on his quest, and I love that in spite of making that change they were still able to keep Percy getting that awesome win on Medusa, for the sake of his friends.

And just how awesome is Medusa's look?

Medusa talking to the trio

You can tell she doesn't want to be a monster, the fact that she keeps her hat shows that fact in spades, but in a world full of and ruled by monsters, what choice does she have.

The statement she gave is true, as misplaced as it may be.

Medusa unmasked

Medusa is the embodiment of a positive change to a source material.

There are also some other changes that I liked, like the scene where Hephaestus tells to Annabeth how much he hates being the kind of person that backstabs and betrays his own family, it honestly characterizes him perfectly as the misunderstood one amongst the god.

Some people might see that scene as a Deus ex Machina(literally its a machine) as Hephaestus's change of Heart directly leads to Percy being pulled out of an otherwise inescapable machine.

But the emotional weight of it kind of pain back the whole thing two fold.

It's things like this that make me confident that Hades will also be done amazingly, as he is the prime example of a misunderstood god.

whatever the point is over all the show is going great.

But... as all things, there are some things changes that I disliked.

In fact actually, that is why I started to write this article, I didn't like the change in particular where the main trio already knew that getting into the Lotus Casino would make them forget their selves and their lives because of the Lotus fruit... I mean... there was no such thing in the books, it was just the place that made you forget everything... like the slow creep up, and the realization of what is happening is what made the thing work, and they weren't looking for this place, they stumbled upon it.

Well the fact that they chose to make Hermes stay here actually made sense, seems like a Hermes thing to do.

Hermes in the Lotus Casino

But time and again, this series has don this, it has given up the slow build up of suspense for ease of understanding, it happened when they visited Auntie M's emporium, them immediately realizing that Aunty M was Medusa, no questions asked, and here in the Casino.

And I am of two minds about this, on the one hand it seems that they genuinely did replace the slow build up with something good, in almost both cases, Medusa's story is genuinely improved, and the Lotus Casino is way more well paced than in the books, and on a whole it shows that the Demigods aren't pushovers and know what they are doing.

But... I must say, the lack of suspense is felt...

Even the monster fights, a lot of it is just Percy and the trio just killing them casually, except for the Chimaera, that one genuinely was scary, the thing s though, it makes sense to a degree that monsters don't care about dying, as they will return eventually, but the problem is, it does slow them down doesn't it?

Annabeth kills a Fury

It's a little bit confusing, on how I am supposed to feel about this.

Again on a whole I love it, this is just me being a nitpicky bastard.

And while we are talking about the changes, let's talk of the one which I am damn sure some twitter weirdos are having a supreme meltdown about as I write this.

Annabeth, yeah so she is black in this, and Frankly, the actress embodies who Annabeth is so well that I truly do not give a shit, nor should anyone, I do however care that she doesn't have the Athena call signs i.e. the blonde hair and the grey eyes, now... you could dye that and use lenses, but... like this is a kid... and like I think there is an easier fix for this, since Athena's children look more like Athena than the others, given that they are literal creations of her thoughts, make Athena Black too, and give her eyes and hair matching to Annabeth's problem solved, cause I'd truly wish the characterization be placed before superficial elements, and I haven't seen Athena yet, so Idk.

People on twitter will cry about it regardless they always do.

Annabeth making a Sassy expression

Also, to end this, thank the gods she has her Yankees invisibility cap in this one, why in the blazes did the movie remove that again?


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