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The most beautiful depiction of Anxiety this side of animation: Spider Man into the Spider Verse: The Spider Within

Miles walking and having an anxiety attack

So Beyond the Spider Verse has been delayed indefinitely, and that... sucks... But in the meanwhile it would seem the animators over at Sony decided to give us a little something to ruminate on.

So what is the Spider Within? The Spider Within is an official Short film set in the Spider-Verse(meaning it's probably cannon.) and it follows Miles after one particularly grueling day over at New York.

He goes home and is Jump-scared by his dad, even though he has spidey sense(goddamit Miles)

Miles get's jump scared by his dad

But it seems this is a hint as to what is going on with Miles, you see my man Miles has Anxiety.

Represented beautifully by this extra Dark figure who then proceeds to turn into a spider.

After making Miles break through reality just because

Miles has sleep paralysis.

I actually think this is anxiety induced sleep Paralysis.

Given that Miles sees the monster and he cannot move.

But what else does this film do in order to depict Anxiety?

Spidey-Sense! it goes off randomly even if there is nothing there.

Miles' Spider Sense goes off in absence of danger.

Music doesn't help ignoring it doesn't help, sop what does?

Well Miles' dad of course.

Only talking to him and going out to get some air fixes the panic attack that Miles is having.

I must say it is really a breath of fresh air to see his dad alive and there to support him when the dead parent trope is so prevelant.

All in all there isn't much to say about this short except that it exists and is well made and serves a great broader purpose of spreading awareness about anxiety, and it probably takes place somewhere in between into the spider verse and across the spider verse.


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