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X men 97 seems like the perfect blend of 90's Cheesy and just plain amazing that Marvel needs right now.

X Men in the X Jet

X men 97 has been one of those shows for me that I have been really excited for but at the same time I have had a great banner of... but why though?

Like I don't particularly remember the 90's X men show, except the amazing theme, because... being born in 2000, I haven't seen it...

But with what little I have seen, I do understand the love and Nostalgia this show must bring to those of us who have seen it.

Like even for me, who has never seen the original show, I do feel a certain longing simply because that seemed like a simpler time... don't know, one always idolizes the past don't they, even if they were less than a Fetus at the time.

But now that we have gone past the unnecessarily long Preamble, let's just get straight into it?

The Animation is on point.

Storm using her powers

The art style is completely consistent with the original Cartoon, and so is the animation style, like in the way people move, say their chins, their hands and legs, etc.

However while staying consistent to the og art style and the og animation, it doesn't mean the recent advancements in technology haven't gone unnoticed, nor have they stayed their hand from helping this show.

The animation is sharper, more colorful, and then of course who can forget this banger of a moment?

Gambit and Wolverine combining their powers

It would seem that after a long time Marvel is finally catching up to what it used to be and finally giving us what we truly want, even though there is the odd drop off like Echo, which actually ain't all that bad now that I think about it, but whatever, besides the point.

On the point, Jean Grey is pregnant, at least I think it's Jean Grey, since Cyclops is with her

And... the only child that I know the two of them to have together is the one from the dystopian Days of future past Timeline, Rachel Summers.

I don't know much about this character, I don't know what else to say here other than.

To me My X men

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