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Demon Slayer the Hashira Training Arc, Muzan is getting closer than ever.

Demon Slayers scream they are going to die under Himejima's Training

The final section of Tanjiro's training that is his training under Gyomei is finally over, and tanjiro thankfully didn't get roasted to death because that would be too harsh and too Early, thanks Himejima.

But one thing that I am surprised we didn't get, is that one moment for Zenitsu, you know, the one moment which subtly sets up the upcoming battle for Zenitsu in the upcoming arc.

Now what is this moment? I will give every reader the space of one picture before I spoil that.

You can leave if you care about that kind of thing, or you can continue and then leave an angry comment only to Vanish into a void of Self-Righteousness.

And those of you who are okay with me spoiling this and want to see it for various reasons, are welcome to stay, please continue.

A Demon Slayer Manga Panel setting up Zenitsu's final battle.

Now if you are still here...

This is the moment that Zenitsu get's a letter informing him that his master has committed seppuku, a form of ritual suicide via disembowelment, due to the shame of having trained someone who turned into a demon.

But Zenitsu didn't turn into a demon... yes there was another.

Zenitsu had a senior, called Kaigaku, Zenitsu could do nothing but the first form of thunder breathing, and Kaigaku could do all but the first form.

Now I dunno about you but given season 1 episode 17, I'd say Zenitsu really liked his master, calling him Gramps and what not.

Zenitsu and "Gramps".

And why Kaigaku turned into a Demon and all that, that's all besides the point, the real point is, the one thing that kept Zenitsu going in his darkest times is now gone.

And his senior who he never liked, is now responsible, and is now a an upper moon, specifically 6, and now it is on.

So the thing is, the show does go out of it's way to introduce new Anime only content, but not this important thing?

Anyways, we do finally see Nakime, the Biwa woman, who we have been seeing controlling the infinity castle with her Biwa strings, she was a instrumentalist in her human days, who's husband gambled away everything she earned, once when he gambles a piece of her clothing without asking her, she kills him, finally having had enough.

She performs and the people love it, realizing that killing allows her to be a better Biwa player she becomes a serial killer, until she chooses Muzan as her victim, impressed, obviously, Muzan makes her a demon, and now it is due to her powers that Muzan is able to track Ubuyashiki.

Why he never did this before? Well, it is probably because she wasn't upper moon four before, Muzan, in his short sightedness chose more combat focused people, but now, realizing he needs to find Ubuyashiki, finally chooses to go the stealthy route.

See when he makes someone an upper moon, he gives them a healthy helping of his blood, so far, there was no need for him to do this to Nakime, and surprisingly(for him), it pays off.

And now Muzan has a way to kill the entire Demon Slayer Organization in one go.

Nakime the Cyclops looking Biwa Player

People really be hating on this season, but trust me on this, these eight episodes are what will set up the next arc, the best arc ever, The Infinity Castle Arc, this is very much, the calm before the storm.


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