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I'm still recovering from THE BOYS Episode five.

You know just when you think this show couldn't get any crazier, the episode five ending drops in.

So to recap episode one through four, we figure out that there is a weapon that can Kill Homelander, only its a person, and the biggest dick of the century, soldier boy, that's not all, but It'll come by as we go along.

This episode is what one would call the end of the second act in a movie, if it were a movie that is, this is a million times better. The boys has always made me feel strong emotions and I have always felt entertained watching the show, but never have I felt the kind of sadness that episode five gave me.

In episode four we hear butcher describe V as a curse and he does elaborate on it in this episode, how he hated every moment of it, but there's more to it, he and Maeve get drunk together, Maeve after four months, Butcher after a year, which is where he tells her that he believes all supes have got to go, what he doesn't tell but subtly implies is that, that includes him, sure, the V he took is temporary, but now he is in the same boat as all the other supes.

He feels alone and isolated, knowing he is the only one who knows what needs to be done, and what he must do to himself, and believe it or not, Maeve feels the same, and so now, they are alone together.

Funnily enough, that's how Homelander describes his and Maeve's old Relationship once again drawing a Parellel between himself and butcher.

As if there weren't already enough, Butcher gets the same powers as him when he is on V24(That's temporary V), they both had similarly abusive fathers (or father figure in the case of Homelander), Who Abused them for literally the same reason, and then there was that amazing conversation between the two in episode 1.

If it's not abundantly clear where the show is headed, Homelander stated it himself, Fight to the death, one man left standing.

And speaking of Parallels, Soldier boy is running around, and he is very comparable to Homelander, I mean right from the symbolism, to the powers, to looks, to being a fucking dick all the time, and his position as the leader....

And when Maeve and Homelander talk about their relationship, and Homelander asks her if anything was real, she reveals to him exactly how much she hated him and what do you know, when winter soldier boy(see what I did there) asks his old girlfriend about their relationship, she mirrors the feelings, and Homelander ends it with Maeve getting Kidnapped by black Noir, back from his almond joy disease, and Soldier Boy Kills Crimson Countess.

Ashley, the new CEO of Vought international, got a promotion, precisely because she is subservient and there is this beautifully done scene where it seems that starlight is getting to her after Maeve's Kidnapping, but it's too difficult for her to escape the abusive environment.

A-train who obviously revealed Supersonics plan to Homelander to gain his favor and help his black neighborhood fight a racist superhero, reels in failure as his plan backfires, and his brother is injured. Starlight put it right, "Why do you want to be liked by people who hate you?"

Point is, everything is going to shit, and at the center of it all, the one good thing, Annie and Hughie's relationship, well that seems broken beyond repair too, by the end, as Hughie and butcher realize that soldier boy is their only chance, and Annie can't stand with Hughie as he works with a murderer, and they part ways.

Same goes for Butcher and M.M. who Butcher accepted was the better leader, is left behind by him as he does what he believes he needs to do.

I said, in my previous article, that the boys lays out all its character motivations out for the audience and this an example of that, I can understand and empathize with all characters involved and their decisions, which is why this along with the score at the end is so heartbreaking.

On the other side of the world i.e. as a separate subplot, Kimiko has recovered, and no longer has her powers after soldier boy, is now able to speak, although it's still not clear to me if those first three words were a part of the dream, but I don't believe they were. But Frenchie is trapped with Nina again, who wants her best hitman back, and with Kimiko without her powers, and the rest of the boys none the wiser, who knows how he will be saved, or if he will be saved, can't say with the way the shows been going.

What I mean is, the shows story line has taken a hard left from the comics, firstly, Homelander had no son, Kimiko never lost her powers, to my knowledge, soldier boy was a wimp who slept with Homelander, and Homelander was never in power at Vought, but you know what, someone did take over from James Stillwell in the comics, who is the equivalent of Stan Edgar in the comics, his love interest, and it was planned, because he knew every thing that would happen and in a time of crisis the new CEO took the fall, and James got lauded as the better CEO, claiming he was unfairly pushed out and the company was back with him!

I wonder if Homelander is taking that place, and I don't mean as Stan's love interest, though I wouldn't put anything past the show at this point, no, I mean is what if Stan Planned this, or maybe he didn't plan this but made a plan around it, to let Homelander take the fall? Now that would be a twist.

And just for the record when in episode one he agrees with the politician on Superheroes being pieces of shit, I believe he is telling the truth, he is being manipulative don't get me wrong, but you don't have to lie to manipulate.

Blimey let's see where this show goes next.

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