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Invincible Season 2 Episode 5 the past always catches up to you.

Mark and Debbie trying to figure out what to do with Oliver

Now I did not write an article for invincible season 1 or invincible season 2 part 1, but like I said, consistency? not my thing. And the thing about consistency is... it is especially difficult to keep when your life is chaotic as hell.

Now, invincible season 2 in the beginning was all about healing after/confronting your trauma and complicating the whole hero/villain dynamic that invincible and omni man have going on.

So what now? what now is realizing that okay you were going through trauma, fair to take time and what not.

Life wont stop though.

Donald revealing his machine interior

And the thing is often times the space we take to deal with one aspect of our life ends up hurting the other aspects of life.

No matter how hard one tries time will not stop with them, it will not mourn with them.

And especially other people will not stop making choices and they will never stop affecting you the way they always have.

Never is this more apparent than in the stories of Donald and Mark/Oliver.

Donald Blew up when trying to fight against Omni Man, What does Cecil Do about it? He puts Donald's brain in a machination in a skin suit lined with blood, yup... totally normal...

And the show isn't at all wishy washy about it Donald is traumatized by this, as he should be, like also Cecil, what were you expecting? That he would never get cut?

Invincible is on another level when it comes to the past haunting him.

So he already is dealing with the whole "my murderous father who killed most of earth and also almost killed me but fucked off at the last moment but now is on a different planet with a different woman with a child that I must now take care of" thing.

Invincible trying to make up to his girlfriend Amber

There is also his girlfriend who has gone through a lot in the time he has been away and obviously his relationship suffered, the full extent of this isn't explored in this episode, knowing invincible though, it will probably follow through and expand on this in the next episode.

But speaking of the past coming to haunt you and the world deciding to be a dick anyways, let's come to the main plot of this episode.

Shape smith, who goes through a brief moment of showing his true Martian form, almost revealing himself to Black Samson, finally has his own past actions catch up to him, the Sequids are coming.

The Sequids piloting their host to attack the Guardians of the Globe.

After the extra funny show case of what the actual fuck Shapesmith did to replace the original astronaut(he hit him on the head, yes.), because Shapesmith sees it as his heroic moment.

We realize that an entire warship full of those suckers(literally, they have suckers) headed straight for earth.

And while the heavy hitters of the Guardians of the Globe go to deal with this garbage situation.

Dupli-Kate Shrinking Rae and RexSplode are left behind to deal with another world ending event if it occurs, what are the chances of that?

All duplicates of DupliKate are killed

Same as the chances of shrinking Rae being swallowed, Dupli-Kate being killed(like all her copies... so she is dead dead.) Shrinking Rae trying and failing to do the Antman Thanos butt thing, you know that thing where he flies up his butt and... don't make me explain this please.

And Rex loosing his hand and nearly getting his brain shot out by the f*cking Lizard League, The D listers among D listers, But now King Lizard exists so...

Holy shit that went south fast...

And what about the Sequids on the Martian ship?

Rudy Preparing his Sequid's Nerve system disabling device.

Well Bullet proof decides to be a hothead and crushes a Sequid not being aware of their hive mind and they get attacked by a straight up Sequid sea and Rudy decides to exit his armor to create a larger version of the Sequid Nerve system destroying wave he uses to deactivate all the Sequids nearby, and also freeing the host.

But to do that he will be vulnerable for a while and Atom Eve isn't able to hold a sheild long enough to protect him, and that is where the episode ends... cliffhanger.

Obviously from the trailer we know that both Rudy and Eve are going to be taken over by the Sequids for a time, and if you have read the comics, you will know that(spoilers) Rae doesn't die and Kate has a Secret Duplikate Zero, in case what just happened to her ever happens.

Which while some would take to be a plot armour moment, I'd say makes logical sense, and while plot armor is bad cause it is expected, i.e. an author wants their character to go through trauma to develop them but also don't want any lasting consequences like death because that plot line that they put so much work into is now gone.

Surprisingly close to real life that one...

This show kills of characters so much, a Character surviving is a breath of Fresh air... Oh no... I forgot... it's a source of even greater Trauma(Gee thanks Donald.)

Donald Yylls at everybody to get out


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