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Invincible Season 2 Episode 6, It really isn't that simple.

RexSplode with the Lizard King holding a gun to his head

Now if the last episode was your past catching up with you, this episode is all about our insane ways to deal with said past and how even after it is dealt with it still keeps coming to bite you in the ass.(The past sounds kinky)

Take the very beginning for example, Rex gets shot in the head, and the Lizard king thinks he is done, but Sike! Rex survived the headshot as it didn't hit any vital parts of his brain(also probably his super powers and plot armor)

You know why I don't criticize this show for plot armor moments? Well other than because I have only written about this show in one article before this.

It's because when it does use the plot armor, it is quite flimsy and leaves the characters with major trauma to deal with.

Just like our buddy Rex here, sure, he survived and brutally injured the Lizard king, but he bled so much from his head that now he is almost dead, and would have died if not for a timely saving by Cecil steadman.

Donald and Rick, both of them survived what should have been the end for them, Rick because of his total reconstruction at the hands of D.A. Sinclair into a Reaniman. and Donald because he exploded.

Donald talking about his trauma of almost dying and having his body reconstructed.

Both Rick and Donald are going through severe PTSD, now why does PTSD make things okay?

Well a character death is something an author needs to deal with, something interesting, so to speak, a road block, a death reversal is often a get out of Jail free card, but with PTSD, often times the story line we get after the death reversal is more interesting compared to if the Death stayed permanent.

The new story line is actually having an interesting conversation.

And what about Mark? Well he and Amber are both goin through that phase in their relationship where they both think that they are problem for the other in a weird kind of being on the same page, which only Tanks their relationship.

Damn, I thought being on the same page helped a relationship go forwards.

Thankfully their friends have more sense than either of them.

Eve and Art advising Amber and Mark

And Kudos to Eve for supporting Mark and Amber's relationship especially when it is at her own expense, given her feelings for Mark.

Kate is thrown a funeral and Immortals sadness over her is beginning to come off as creepy as she was in the teen team(meaning she is a teenager) and the immortal is... immortal...

But you know maybe its different, who knows...

And speaking of things being complicated, let's talk about this one thing that is just exactly as it should be, Alan comes back to life after having a near death experience, stronger than ever, Thaedus is a Viltrumite(Okay.) and Nolan's books are all records of his adventures as a Viltrumite. As if no one saw that coming.

All in all, this episode is a transition episode, not much happens here in terms of action, which is a good thing, because after all, the strength of this show is it's characters, so it's good it is developing them.

And what now? Angstrom Levy is coming finally for Mark straight up... I mean god you have the entire multiverse, why this particular Mark bro?(You really that salty about the machine? I mean yeah that actually makes sense... but okay...) anyways, in the comics, Invincible is sent to another universe and ends up meting(Spoilers)


Spider Man and Invincible.

Now... the question is... will my man Marvel allow this? because that implies that invincible and Marvel share a multiverse, and I'm not sure marvel wants that exactly... also which marvel universe would that be?

Idk, I kinda want to see spiderman here, but let's see what happens, fingers crossed.

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