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My Demon is the perfect Valentine's show for your Emo/Goth Significant Other.

Do I look like some Angel?

Imma be honest, I am not that much of a K drama Guy, but seeing this shit repeatedly on my Netflix kinda made me cave because... you guessed it... I was a bored Emo Guy and I saw the word Demon.

I cannot exactly praise this show without spoiling some aspects of it, so if you wanna see this show, then take my suggestion and go watch it, seriously, it's worth it.

But is that all this is? Dark show with Demon? I mean it definitely begins somewhat that way, as you open the show and you play a Typical K drama intro, it suddenly starts giving a history lesson on Demons, i.e. how their name is derived from the Greek word Daiomai, meaning sharing the same fate.

And that they were initially living amongst Humans as their Guardians, and then it shifts to a heavy mist environment as the Demon of the title walks through the mist towards the other main lead of this show, the character Do Do Hee, who's name literally means: Haughty, and so she is.

My Demon Openning scene

If this opening scene doesn't convince you of the fact that this show is emo af, I don't know what will.

Oh wait, yes I know, Do Do Hee and Jeong Gu Won(the Demon) had met in their previous lives but their love story had a sad ending where Do Do Hee was executed for being a Catholic and Jeong Gu Won killed himself after massacring everyone to reject heaven, and so a Demon was Born.

When they first met, Do Do Hee was about to kill herself, to end her suffering as a Courtesan.

Do Do Hee and Jeong Gu Won say Good bye

And yet in spite of being about such intense topics, the show doesn't loose the typical K drama charm.

Jeong Gu Won may be the straight up Devil who kills people without a single thought when the time of their deals is over.

That is how Demons make deal by the way, ten years you may have whatever you want and after ten years your soul ends up in hell.

Where the Lazy are sent to endlessly run on milestones while hellfire burns so intensely it burns your flesh and bones, but that is mostly child's play compared to where the first on screen victim of this series goes.

But regardless of all that, he celebrates every deal with eating cake and cries like a child when the cake is taken.

Jeong Gu Won realises his cake is ruined

And there is of course the very obvious but very necessary moment when they are lying next to each other and Jeong is like

Call my name as many times as you like, and I will reassure you.

The show even has a characteristic happy ending and while at first it felt all plot armory and what not, the way it is set up without you even noticing is truly something else.

but you should discover it yourself.

My Demon is the only show in recent times that has brought back a dead character and I have not only been fine with it but actually thought it was very clever and liked it.

Goin on that let's talk about some of the philosophy of this show.

Meet her

God is Crying

This is God.

Yes. absolutely.

God is a Homeless woman who Gambles constantly and likes to drink acid for some reason, God doesn't sleep in Heaven, she sleeps in the unwanted Cardboard box next to your house complex.

God is who is used as a Deus ex machina to bring the Demon back, at least that's what it appears at first, but then it turns out, her Gambling finally caught up to her, and her loosing her Bet against the Demon first is why she paid him back by reviving him.

So Demon's are Evil right? They prey on people with misfortunes and make deals with them that give them whatever they want, but eventually lead them to eternal torture in hell.

Not so fast! Says Jeong Gu Won

Nothing in this world is free, in order for Demons to Grant wishes, something must be paid back, Demon's are noble spirits, if someone's life is Hell anyways, they would Gladly take ten years of happiness before they end up in actual Hell, a parent will always be ready to sacrifice themselves, so their children may live, and an old man would Gladly trade his place in Heaven for his wife to recognize him one last time.

And of course there are those who just are worthy of hell, they are far more likely to take such deals.

And then who can forget this masterpiece of a line.

Jeong Gu Won explains why he loves his job

This absolute banger line was Delivered when the current target of Jeong offered a thousand souls in exchange for his own.

No human would Willingly die, and everyone would act the most human in their last moments.

This is how the Demon and the God are portrayed, what about the Villain?

I can still flee to hell

Of course, Human is the real monster, but this show wasn't Black and white about it, remember the main female lead is also a rich Business woman, so was her caregiver, and her Caregiver was just as evil as the antagonist, I mean where else did he get all that from?

But then she saw the Devil, and she changed, the main point of it all being, nothing is as it seems, everything is complicated.

And that is what good fiction does, it gives you a range of emotions, makes you satisfied and isn't overly simple.

At first we are lead to believe that it is this super creepy guy who play this really creepy song.

The Creepy fake villain in the beginning

And like, yeah, course it is him.

But then it is not, because there is of course the son of Do Do Hee's brother through adoption.

Who is just straight up broken and insane due to Abuse, but actually, no... flashbacks reveal he is quite a sweetheart I mean sure he almost killed Do Do Hee and Jeong Gu Won, but that is only because of his abusive father.

The show goes quite far as far as hiding the true killers identity via only showing his hands.

The twist Anti Villain

No No, the true villain is the Devil himself Personified, a Business man who will go to any lengths to just get control of his mothers company, even if it means burning his own face.

And so that was the ultra late review on My Demon as my Valentine's day article.

And always remember.

I love you Jeong Gu Won

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