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Obi-Wan Kenobi Season 1 Finale is the best ending to a Disney plus show Relative to its Quality

I can already see the disagreements flooding in, Best Finale? Obi-Wan Kenobi? What am I high on, well Ready the title again, Relative to it's Quality. What that means is, While a show like Loki might have had a Better Finale Over all when compared to Kenobi by a long shot, When controlled for the shows Quality Kenobi is better, i.e. the Kenobi finale did a much better Job of Landing on, and exceeding my expectations set by the rest of the show, than any other show did.

It Gave me Everything I wanted, an ends of the world Battle between Obi-Wan and Vader, Vader's Helmet Breaking and his face showing, so that Hayden Christensen Gets to play him and a satisfying conclusion over all to all the plot threads set up in the show.

I did say in my previous Episode Review that this is the only Disney Plus show that I can Reasonably see them ending in six Episodes, And they did, cause in every other show, there is this sense of, oh sh*t there's only one episode left, here there wasn't cause pretty much everything save, the conclusion of Reva's story and The Vader v Kenobi battle was resolved by episode five, the only other things I can think of right now is Princess Leia actually getting home and the Rebels escaping, both of which are dealt with quickly and do not feel at all rushed, as they are integrated into setting up the Grand Vader v Kenobi battle.

Kenobi Goes to face Vader to make it possible for the above two to happen, and Vader being Vader, abandons everything to chase Kenobi and go fight him Alone, despite being Advised otherwise by the Grand Inquisitor.

And so the Grand Battle begins! And simultaneously Reva attacks Luke, Owen and Beru on Tatooine and both the battles are intercut into one another, Look I am not a battle analyst I am not going to sit here and analyze every second of the battles.

I'll only say, they mirror each other in terms of ups and downs, although one is a battle for survival(one with Reva) and the other is a battle to settle dues, everything from the choreography to the acting to the directing to how the cuts are hidden to make the scenes look seamless is amazing.

And that moment when Kenobi gets up from having been buried under rocks and then absolutely destroys Vader is Awesome, although I would not tolerate any disrespect to Vader Kenobi and Vader have always been established as equals, and this is a Kenobi who has rekindled his connection to the force, not the one who had abandoned it like in episode one.

And seeing Anakin's face behind Vader's mask was awesome, and then to see Kenobi break down and apologize to his old friend upon hearing his voice, just... God I have no words.

And then we switch over to Reva who tries to kill Luke, knowing that's Vader's son, in an effort to get Revenge on him, but she is unable to do it, seeing her child self in Luke's place.

She brings Luke back, and asks Kenobi if she became Anakin, and Kenobi says she chose not to, she gives up her inquisitors lightsaber, her fate post that is left Ambiguous.

I am still a little worried as to how this will be received as this is very close to a leaked ending of the show, only in that Reva was somehow responsible for Luke's survival, guess this is a little different, and we also have more context now, lets see what happens

You know there was a lot of stupid come the previous episode like Bail ever sending that message to Kenobi, mentioning Tatooine because he thought Kenobi was captured, Like what? Dude, you just made it a cake walk for them! and not to mention, this message is what leads Reva to Luke. And reading the review you can clearly see, I let the cool overshadow my objectivity, I am afraid I am doing it here too, but I don't care, at the end of the day, I enjoyed it.

The episode ends for all characters in many ways the way it began, Kenobi rides the desert sands to go watch over Luke Owen is still protective of Luke, Luke is still playing, being a little boy, only this time Kenobi is traveling as a changed and more confident man, and accepts for the first time that unlike the Jedi before him, Luke doesn't need to be trained, he needs to be a little boy, and Owen upon seeing this, lets the pair meet.

And in the desert Kenobi sees Qui-Gon, learning that he could always had seen his master, just that, his connection to the force wasn't as good yet, guess that explains why earlier in the original trilogy post Obi-Wan's death Luke could only see fleeting visions of him and then only when his connection to the force grew could he finally have a full conversation with Obi-Wan's force ghost. And it's also a good moment to signify Obi-Wan's growth.

Elsewhere Leia too is in a similar position to episode one, where she is preparing to meet some guest, only this time she is more willingly participating in getting ready and wearing Tala's empty holster, given to her by Obi-Wan, and Bail once again gives her the same affectionate look that he gave in episode one.

And another thing that's changed this time? its Kenobi! and he tells her what little he can about her parents, while keeping most of it a secret, its a really wholesome moment and I hate to criticize it but I must, isn't this dangerous for him? I can only assume that bail set up this transport for Kenobi to bring him here, to give him thanks in person, but you know still, I don't know dude.

Also why did Kenobi leave Vader on the planet? Without killing him? Like he was beaten, sure one could say that it was emotionally overwhelming for him or that he sensed Luke was in danger so he needed to leave, but you know I do feel that the original trilogy existing has held this show back, even though this might not be an instance of it arguably.

But with that said, it was a good Journey, and I enjoyed every bit of it, hopefully star wars keeps upping its quality moving forwards.

And I hope for a season two, and I hope it's better.

And in the end, I'll just say...

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