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Percy Jackson and the Olympians Episode 7 Captures Hades Perfectly.

Heading towards Hades' Castle

This episode of Percy Jackson and the Olympians is by far the most Aesthetically pleasing, which is what I was going to title the Article, but I think the fact that this captures Hades so perfectly is better to emphasize on.

I mean seriously, this is the perfect visualization of what the Realm of the dead should look like in the modern Era.

Like just look at this upside down Palace, Hades' Palace is always said to be an inversion of Olympus, this one quite literally is one, although it may easily be a spire.

The Desert Sea around Tartarus

The Sand sea surrounding Tartarus is another example of something Aesthetically Pleasing and also perfectly representing What Hades is supposed to look like.

The upside down mountains are one thing, but in the distance it appears as if the the teeth of a monster are formed by the two sets of hills above and below, and simultaneously it gives the appearance of a disappearing world in the distance.

This is the one thing that I was really hoping they would get right, because what the actual fuck was Hades in the movie.

Hades as shown in the Percy Jackson Movie

It was like they heard, oh hell? Yes lets put fire.

They also didn't show the fields of Asphodel in the movie cause they literally didn't have the time, but like seriously what a let down.

And while we are on the topic of Hades, let's actually get to how Hades the man is portrayed.

This below is rapper Hades the moon dog.

Hades the man as shown in the Percy Jackson Movie

I mean sorry, this is Hades in the Percy Jackson Movie, this atrocity was not only the main villain of the story, Like okay there was Luke... but like, Hades came in his immortal form to Camp Halfblood to threaten Percy and ask for the bolt and what not, which is, firstly, infringing on Dionysus' Territory, secondly, if he showed his immortal form, then, everyone would die.... like.... that's a thing...

What the fuck was that movie?

And here is Hades as he is represented in the show.

Hades in the show

Bro literally just said, I hate my brothers, why would I get involved in their shit?

He doesn't give a shit, he stole Percy's mom because he wanted his helm of Darkness back.


I just wish now that they keep Percy's mom petrifying Gabe using Medusa's head in the show, like we need that boss bitch moment.

Everything else so far is a dream come true.


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