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Short and sweet, Kenobi episode 5 is an improvement over the previous ones, but is it good enough?

This episode begins where we left off as usual, as Vader and the third sister, now promoted to grand inquisitor, are on the chase for Kenobi.

Also, when I say short and sweet, I'm not talking about run time, this is actually one of the longer episodes, clocking in at about 40 minutes or so, I'm talking about how dense and fast paced the episode is, it wastes no time moving from one plot point to the next, and it doesn't feel rushed either.

The episode is mainly about three things.

Firstly, to address who Reva is as a character, why she is doing what she is, why she knows Vader is Anakin and what is her true motivation.

It is here that we learn that Reva was a youngling during order sixty six, and so, I take my statement in my episode one analysis, that the order sixty six scene was pointless, it is simply a set up for something that comes up much later, but my point does still partly stand, the reason I felt exasperated by that order sixty six scene was because, Star Wars keeps referencing it, like yes, it was a huge deal, but it has lost much of its shock value in my opinion due to being revisited so many times, in so many ways, that I have lost count.

Anyways, this is revealed in a negotiations conversation between Reva and Kenobi which is when Kenobi first begins to get inside Reva's head as he uncovers her back story, from the fact that she knows Anakin is Vader, and that this wouldn't be public information, and he realizes, the only reason she is trying to climb up the ladder, is so she can get to Vader, and get back at him for what he did to her.

And so now, I believe that Reva's convoluted plan makes sense, she really did make it up as she went along, she just happens to be a quick thinker and good at thinking ahead. I say that because her motivation was never to get to Kenobi, it was always Vader, anyway she can gain his trust, she did.

And that brings me to the second part of the episode, which is Kenobi being with many other people on the path, all of whom just want to get home, I will say though, one of the crew, died the previous episode, how come there is no acknowledgement of that? Anyways its a small issue. And this part is a major source of conflict for the characters, and takes up most of the story of this episode, and Vader's plan also revolves around hurting the people to squeeze out Kenobi, makes sense as that has been the theme from the start.

The third part is actually split into two, The past and the present, but it's still one part as the past parallels the present, in the middle of the episode, out of nowhere, we get a flashback to when Anakin was a Padawan, but looks suddenly older, I mean, I get it, the actor grew old, but you know, De aging is a thing, and... well it didn't bother me too much, so whatever, also I wouldn't advocate for reckless use of CGI unless necessary, these are finer details, which don't bother any people, many, like me were just happy to see Hayden as Anakin again.

"The return of the King" they called it.

And you know, I will go as far as to say, that Anakin not being De-aged here plays to the episodes favor in some ways, sure, story wise it makes no sense, but, externally, we have the context of an actor who was first, at least in my opinion, unjustly called bad, because many didn't like the character, cause believe me, Hayden played Anakin perfectly, people just didn't like the character, specifically, pertaining to the fact that, this "whiny kid" as many called him, will become Darth Vader at some point, one of the greatest Villains in cinema, history.

And I believe that does go to show how little people do understand about mental health and how people respond to negative situations, and how one is pushed over the edge, but that's a different discussion, coming back, this is an actor whose portrayal many didn't like at the time, but retroactively many, including me realized their mistake, getting a second chance as an older and wiser dude, ready to face his second chance head on and not make any of the same errors, and it's also like being greeted by an old friend in a way isn't it.

And so this flashback is an extended fight scene between Obi-Wan and Anakin which is intercut between the episode in present time, and it doesn't take long for one to realize, oh! it's like the fight is mirroring every move the pair make in the present, just in a different representation, its like two different variations of Chess but with the same strategy.

So in the very beginning when Kenobi is questioned about why he believes Vader wont have the patience for a siege and directly attack, it is shown in the flashback, his propensity to attack, and his trigger happy behavior, also right before the inquisitor and her forces have broken through the gates, Vader orders a cease fire, and in the past, Kenobi is shown, losing in a similar way while talking about the Jedi nature if Protecting life and not destroying it, and so in the present, to save the people, he gives up his weapon, and goes to surrender, just as he is disarmed in the past, but the game isn't over, Kenobi makes a final manipulation towards Reva, goading her to use him as bait, and backstabbing Vader, saying he wont see it coming as he will only see him.

And he says so because he too realizes what is going on, and sees every parallel in the present and the future, expecting it to go like the fight in the past, but he missed one thing, this isn't Anakin anymore, this is Vader, a lot of carryover is there, but this is a different person. And so as the episode goes to one last flashback, showing Kenobi fighting weaponless against Vader and winning, leading the Audience to believe that this is where the episode will go and the plan to dethrone Vader will succeed, it doesn't.

Vader has changed and he shows it by stopping Reva, without using his lightsaber, much like how Kenobi did in the past, even throwing back her weapon to her multiple times to disarm her again and again, also Vader doesn't even move much, giving her way more than a fair chance, humiliating her that much more when she looses, not only does this show the massive power difference between the two, it also paints Vader as a badass who has learned from his past mistakes and shows how much he has grown, what's more Vader knew who Reva was, and went along with her plan, to hopefully get Kenobi while also testing her loyalty, a test she failed massively.

And he knew this, cause the Grand Inquisitor is Alive, how, well the Darkside is known to keep people alive in such extreme situations such as BEING BURNED ALIVE AND LEFT TO DIE ON A LAVA PLANET, a stabbing isn't much, the rest is of course he got medical attention and Vader chose to keep this a secret to see where this is going.

And, so this episode fixed another one of my earlier criticisms, The Grand inquisitor wasn't disrespected, he simply played Reva, guess that adds to his respect if anything.

Also did I mention that Vader pulled an entire ship this episode, cause, he pulled an entire ship this episode, nothing compared to the feats he has already shown, but its the sheer effortlessness with which he does this that makes it such a joy to watch. Like he doesn't even break a sweat, not even Bat an eyelid.

I mean just look at the size difference man!

And so post all this, The episode ends with the ship being a little delayed as their Hyperdrive is dysfunctional (no... must... stop... and Reva finds an earlier transmission from Bail to Kenobi, hinting the importance of Luke and Leia and definitely revealing Luke's location, like Obi-Wan, dude, that's the kind of thing you don't loose, I mean I guess he had to give it to Kaja, else he would be searched and it would be taken, and he is the one who lost it, and I guess there wasn't enough time to let Kaja know of the importance of the transmitter, but still Obi-Wan, you done goofed, you done goofed man.

And Bail, my friend, you be careful about what you transmit, what id this was intercepted?

Anyways, on a serious note, it seems almost all threads in the season are closed, except for if Reva finds a way to recover from her stab wound and get to Luke, which she will, I mean if the grand inquisitor can do it, why not her, and the inquisitor pretty much stopped moving immediately, she can still move, leading me to believe the wound might be less serious, would make sense, Vader would want her to suffer and not die quickly.

You know so what I am saying is, this is the first Disney Plus series where I am like, yeah, it doesn't feel short at all, I can reasonably see them wrapping this up in one more episode, in fact they could end it here, and it could be an ending cliffhanger for season two! though I do believe Kenobi is and was always meant to be a limited series, so guess that's all done and dusted. let's see what happens in the Finale.

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