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The Boys Season 4 Episode 6, Poor Hughie always gets the short end of the stick(Spoilers!).

This extreme expression of pain alongside the screaming that's my web hole, is the exact feeling I had after watching this episode of the Boys, and I don't even have a web hole, I mean I know its beating a dead horse to say that the boys can be difficult to watch, but my god.

This episode of the Boys introduced Webweaver, a parody of our very own, friendly neighborhood spider man. And boy what a parody he is.

You know I read this commentary on the original boys comics, essentially it said that the boys reads like a hit piece on fictional characters written by an edgy teen who thinks that adding the most amount of graphic violence, nudity and sex to any page will make it cool and stand out.

And that is what Webweaver feels like to me, like he plays no greater role in the wider narrative, he is just disgusting for the sake of disgusting, and it is like "oh did you know spider man is not anatomically accurate?" yeah no shit, "oh and also, a typical teen is more likely to be a Junkie than the paragon of responsibility" yeah honey, I know.

But I do get why Tek Knight is interested in making him a side kick, because we are already aware of how heroes treat their side kicks in this universe after we saw the relationship between Soldier Boy and Gun Powder in the previous seasons.

And Tek Knight? Well you know he loves his holes.

And Web weaver has an extra hole.

Oh that's fucking hot.

Ugh, I wanna puke.

I love it though, the show, cause you know you watch it because its disgusting.

Anyways, that discomfort aside, the rest of the episode is centered around a party that Tek Knight throws with his Slaver Money, you know generational wealth.

And this party is basically a who's who of rich out of touch people who want to control everything, and Victoria Neuman, wants to kill herself.

Victoria Neuman imagines blowing her own head to end her misery

I don't blame her, having an out of touch Senator explain abortion to you is enough to make anyone want to die.

But the point of this whole tirade is to explain why Neuman would eventually become the Vought puppet as the VP elect, Homelander and all talk about invoking the fifth amendment, meaning the VP take over from the president, essentially a coup.

And this scene is very interesting as it shows pretty much why the culture war exists, it exists so people are distracted fighting that and do not realize the real issues that are caused by those who are orchestrating both sides of the conflict sitting at the top, the billionaires.

As all these talking points have no effect on them.

It is only when Neuman promises them control that they agree.

And Homelander of course feels emasculated.

But the whole reason Homelander even has to take the reins and not Sister Sage like it was supposed to be is because Sage is suffering from brain damage caused to her by Mother's Milk.

Sister Sage has brain damage.

And this whole Tirade happens because A-Train reaches out to M.M. about what Homelander is actually planning and as a result his whole trying to be Zen thing is rocked and the Boys plan to send Hughie as Webweaver to infiltrate this party, and why would a Junkie like Webweaver get an invite? The same reason that Ashley got an invite!

For Sex!

See Webweaver has an extra hole... and why am I explaining this, I already did that.

M.M. and Starlight come along with Kimiko to to save Hughie when he is taken to the "Tek cave" which is really arguing that Tek Knight is more of a Christian Grey Parody than a Batman Parody. Why? Well because of his Sex Dungeon.

Anyways while trying to save Hughie, two things happen, Firecracker catches Starlight and she gives a very genuine apology, but that is just a distraction to inject her with something to knock her out.

Idk Starlight, I think you really broke new ground here, you shouldn't have knocked her out, you could have flipped her.

I should call Homelander to laser your tits off.

And the other thing that Happens is M.M. shoots Sage, and faints.

To save him Kimiko calls A-Train who has been growing visually less okay with what is happening.

And after Kimiko pulls some epic level book searching to communicate to A-Train, he reluctantly carries an unconscious M.M. to a hospital.

And in this moment we see A-Train realizing that he is actually a hero as a child look up at him saving someone.

And while that is touching and all, I think given the way this world is structured, A-Train will die as no good deed goes unpunished.

A-Train does something actually heroic.

A-Train is one character that has really come a long way, and it is totally believable.

M.M. is having a panic attack and that is going to lead the character to potentially have a heart attack, because he ain't getting out of this.

But let's talk about Firecracker, she actually represents the average everyday working class white person who has been ignored by both sides, they don't get along with the rich high class types in any way and are just pushed around in between them.

It is emphasized by her not being able to eat any of the food served there, and it seems while she is selling purpose to others, she bought the same purpose herself.

And that is why she is totally subservient to someone like Homelander who doesn't even give her the basic respect.

And well, she went through a long regiment of drugs that Frenchie discovered when he raided her trailer, in order to make herself lactate, just for Homelander.

Homelander realizes Firecracker got herself lactating just for him.

Which I do have a question, how does she know that's what he wants? Like this is supposedly private knowledge right?

Well who cares, Homelander has a new mother.

And what of Tek Knight? Well Starlight and Kimiko save Hughie from Tek Knight who intended to make more holes in him and then fuck them, because the fact that he isn't Webweaver is given away by him not knowing the safe-word, which is... Zendaya.

If you know who she is, that is genius.

And they can't actually torture Tek Knight cause he is a masochist, so they just hack into his bank account using his retinal scan and donate money to some organizations he really doesn't agree with, and that gets him to open up.

The obvious happens as we learn about his private prisons which will be used by Homelander as Internment camps.

And just like the saying the higher they are the harder they fall, Tek Knights entitlement catches up to him as his Butler chokes him as he draws the line at internment camps and him along with his previous sidekick who was also probably abused, assure the Boys that they will make it look like an accident.

Tek Knights Butler kills him.

But all of this happens and what is the impact? Well Tek Knight is dead, M.M. is told to chill out or he has a heart attack, and Kimiko continues to visit Frenchie even though he keeps denying her.

And Hughie, my god Hughie, he's been through hell, he lost his dad, he dressed up as Webweaver and he was basically abused by Ashley and Tek Knight, Ashley basically rubbed one out while saying horrible things to him.

He had to fart on a cake in order to not blow his cover, and god its a lot, no wonder he ends up crying in Starlight's arms.

All that will do anyone's head in.

Hughie finally looses it and cries.

And Speaking of having your head done in, What of Butcher?

Just like for the Boys, he has been MIA from this article So far.

And that is deliberate, he is completely off to the side torturing Samir to make the Virus strong enough to kill Homelander.

And it seems they are going in the direction of the comics where Butcher goes full evil and is about to kill every Supe every using a specific frequency to trigger the V in their blood to blow, he doesn't succeed but that's another story.

In the show, it seems like they are doing the same with the Virus, as trying to make this strong enough to kill Homelander will make it airborne, too strong and will cause a widespread pandemic killing all Supes everywhere.

And Butcher has an internal battle represented by Joe Kesser and Becca berating him from both sides, and then... Joe refers to Becca, we were all right, Joe is another figment of Butchers mind, a hallucination like Becca, and it seems that this is the personality of his now sentient Tumor, and now Butcher will be Venom.

Butcher realizes Joe Kesser is a hallucination

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