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The Boys Season 4 Trailer is everything I didn't know I needed.

You will be wrathful gods

So Season 3 ended in a real Banger, what with Homelander fucking Killing a protestor straight in broad daylight.

We have no Clue where this is going to go, because Until now, Homelander was held back by his need for the love of the people and you know, killing people just gets you the opposite of love.

But now, the political atmosphere is heightened enough that Followers of Homelander are with him even though he is straight up Murdering people.

There is a trial of Homelander, which is obviously a Joke, just like the Twitter page suggests, we know what that is parodying.

Homelander being compared to Trump on the Vought Social Media account

So yeah this entire Trial is a Joke, but it is going to happen, and homelander is going to come out on top.

And on an unrelated note, but also related note, Homelander killed black Noir, it was a whole thing, with Noir seeing Cartoons as he died and all, but Noir is here.

So I guess just like the media they are parodying, they are also bringing back characters from the dead, I mean I jest of course, because given that this is a masked character, they could obviously replace him with some other supe, the theory online is that this black noir is Sam, who is a character from Gen V, which is a spin off of the Boys, but really it's boys 3.5.

But seeing that we see Sam and Cate in a shot and Sam is not Black Noir, I am more inclined to believe that this Black Noir is a different character.

Cate, A-train and Sam in the Boys season 4 trailer

What I find more likely(because they are going full apeshit in this season.) is that this Black Noir is a zombie, because zombie supes do exist in the comics, who are essentially just dead supes who have had their corpses supercharged by the Compound V that is in their system.

And also on that note this is way more in line with the character of Black Noir as he has been shown in the show, because he is treated as a dog or a caged animal who is used and released by Vought.

A Zombie supe from the comics

But all of this is just speculation and discussion, this is not the main point of the trailer, the main point of this trailer is Billy Butcher and the Political climate of the Boys universe.

And as the last episode of season 3 told us, Butcher is dying, and he doesn't have very long left to live due to his repeated use of V-24 but it seems, he will take V-24 again, and that is how he fights Black Noir in the trailer.

But above all, this is a fight for Ryan's Soul, who was left with Homelander at the end of the last season, the question is what can Butcher do to keep Ryan away from Homelander, because this is hell for him.

Ryan going with Homelander

Butcher, not Ryan, Butcher grew up with a massive bully for a dad, who beat up his younger brother in front of him, and now he is seeing his wife's son being raised by the biggest bully there is.

Ryan is clearly giving in to his fathers 'brainwashing' but is also questioning whether this is the right way.

Ryan just killed a guy and is questioning whether this is right while homelander encourages him.

There is a discussion on the Trailer about how everything is solved by Violence on the show, while Kimiko bashes someone's head into bubbles, which seems to be another fantasy like in season 3, and yes... that is true...

Firecracker, shoots a person and announces a hunt on the supporters of Starlight, also called Starlighters, stretch armstrong((Ezekiel) the guy who gave a whole new meaning to come to Jesus, because he was someone who was gay and also said pray the gay away in believe expo) Gets his arm frozen and shattered, and we again see the crazy girl with the four things coming out of her mouth

And inevitably of course, they come to the conclusion that they are going to use the supe killing virus to kill Homelander, which is insane and desperate, but then...

Butcher says Insane and Desperate is where they are to starlight.

But seriously this season is going to be a straight up mythical fight for the soul of Ryan and for the Soul of America.

That was shown in the first trailer when sister Sage compares homelanders rise to power to the Rise of Ceasar, because if you raze everything, then you have nothing to rule, much better to let the people tear each other apart and then claim over the left overs, like Ceasar.

And in this trailer as well, Homelander asks the Supes to stop being beloved celebrities, but to be Wrathful gods.

Speaking of Gods however, we do see the God fearing senator from season two who got too close to doppelganger and his sex tape was then used to blackmail him.

And this time he is covered in blood.

the congress person covered in blood and a scene of Doppleganger blkackmailing him

Speaking of Blood, the Bloody chickens form the first trailer is back, and this time it is clear that it is a Chicken who has been given some Compound V, and we have Supe Sheep, what's that? I was talking about chickens? Oh no, there are many suped up animals, including a supe Pig.

And all of this, combined with Victoria Neuman's inevitable rise to power, it seems that we are going towards the end of the Comics where Homelander leads a Coup against the Govt. And the president, who in the comics is Vic the Veep, who is Victor Neuman, a character who was Gender swapped to make Victoria Neuman.

Three V'ed up sheep

Even Black Noir being alive is in line with this, as Black Noir in the comics was a clone of Homelander who was made with th sole purpose of killing Homelander if he got out of hand.

Noir went crazy, not being able to fulfill his purpose and deliberately set up a sequence of events that made Homelander go crazy so he could Kill him anf fulfill his purpose, in this one the Zombie Noir could serve the same purpose, as he could be a contingency plan against a crazy Homelander.

Black Noir is a Homlander clone in the comics

But the show is already digressed big time from the comics as in the comics as in the comics, Becca died because of homelander's baby bursting out of her uterus when it was mature enough.

And also like I said victor is a man and not a Supe, but also, Mallory is a guy in the comics, and it would seem, that the character of Jeffrey Dean Morgan is based on this version of Mallory, although Mallory already exists in this universe.

But who knows, that's the main thing, the show is going on a direction that no one knows what will happen, also what happened to Mindy? Remember Mindy? The telekinetic Supe in the place where they are trying to turn adults into Supes and escapes because of a break out?

Mindy at the end of Season 2 episode 6

Yeah we though stormfront killed her but she is shown to have survived at the end of the episode.

I believe she is just living her best life? If that is the case, then for once, I want to have an episode where crazy shit goes down and Mindy is just having a Pina Calada on a beach or something, that would be peak cinema.

And on the note of peak cinema, we have A-Train, whose character arc has been nothing short of amazing, as I very much believe, that he will come to the side of the Boys, or at least make some sort of peace with Hughie because of the arc he has been on, and he began by running through Robin, Hughie's girlfriend before Star Light.

A-Train in the season 4 trailer.

And I say that because, his scenes are laid over the line, "we've all done fucked up shit.

Apart from all this, it seems this season will have another musical episode, like the previous season and a straight up horror episode going on some scenes where a supe is covered in blood at the end of a hallway or something.

The horror movie scene from the Trailer


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