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The Pain of Monotony, Why I have been away for so long.

Hi everyone, this is a shitty image of me, made to look even more shitty with a filter, but why am I showing you this, I hear you ask, imaginary person that I just made up.

Well, it's no secret that I took a long break from this website, yes, my 3 readers, I am talking to you.

But why? What is going on that this unthinkable thing happened? Well... mostly, burnout. I realized that creativity, of any kind, cannot be squeezed out of a person on a regular weekly basis. Many of the shows I covered were often weekly releases, often packed together with other weekly releases that I also wanted to cover, and the window for release of a review type article is very small, if you want to be noticed that is, if you want to remain obscure, then its fine! Take your time, except, if you are writing something, you want people to notice, can't speak for everyone, but that's definitely true for me.

And so it became this vicious cycle of being "late" to a review, not getting rewarded as a result blaming yourself and then repeating. Not to mention with multiple things to cover per week, often, new things would come onto my plate, before I even had time to cover the previous one.

So well, I planned to explain in depth what I was planning and what not, and then I stopped and procrastinated finishing this, until reality hit me on the side of the head like a truck and I realized, that, perfectionism and fear of "what will happen" is at the core of why I stopped, so enjoy the unedited half baked article.

Have a rose I am back, and I won't make the same mistake again, hopefully probably maybe.

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