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There's not much to say about Kenobi Episode four.

Yup, it's only fitting that after such an extensive rant on episode three, I compensate by saying very little about episode four.

But in all seriousness, there isn't much to say about this episode, it goes pretty much as you would expect it to go, the whole episode is a rescue mission for Leia.

There are however, a few really well done scenes, for example we open on a intercut sequence of Obi wan and Vader, both suffering in a Bacta tank, which drew a parallel between the two.

There are also a few references to other media, like the torture chair which was first introduced (to me at least), in Jedi Fallen Order another reference to the same game is the setting, its set in the fortress inquisitorious which is where the final mission of the game takes place and another reference is when the glass breaks, and obi wan has to stop the water from coming in by using the force, this was done by Vader towards the end of the game.

And later we see troopers floating in the water, which is also a reference to the same level in the game.

Leia is questioned by Reva, but doesn't yield even to mental questioning, which is a power that dark side users have, which goes to show Leia's affinity to the force, so she is put in a torture chair from which Obi-Wan has to save her and there is a really well done scene here too where Leia is saved by Obi-Wan and its a dark room lit with only his lightsaber.

Apart from this though, yeah they save Leia, and almost trash the fortress, Reva is almost choked to death by Vader due to her failure, but she escapes at the last moment by mentioning a tracker she put on them and let them go.

Which... okay... what was her plan exactly? like its a bit convoluted isn't it, and how is she not immediately killed by Vader? Inquisitors are literally expendable that's their Job. I don't know...

Fingers crossed for Episode five, it is said that that will be the big Game changer Episode, so we will see I guess.

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