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A great theater Experience, But...| Thor Love and thunder is a Weird one.

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

I'll say Thor Love and Thunder has pleasantly surprised me multiple times, and I already went in with super high expectations, so that's gotta be great right? Well... we'll get to it.

Now, right of the back I'll say that this movie wastes no time getting to the point, the very beginning is Gorr's backstory, and it's very close to the comics, he's a poor man, whose a part of devout followers of a god, on a devastated planet trying to fend for his family, and his only prayer is that his daughter survives.

Past the death of his family, he meets a god, and while in the comics he had already began to loose his faith and was angry that the gods existed in the first place, and left his family to die, here he is still a believer, in his god Rapu, and it is actually seeing the indifference from the gods that pushes him over the edge, with a heavy dose of corruption from the necro-sword of course.

This story is much better to me, than the comic books origin, cause not only does this show the ruthlessness of the gods making Gorr's heel-turn more understandable, this also makes Gorr a much more relatable villain, due to the reasons I stated above and also emphasises the curse part of the necro-sword, i.e. makes the curse of all black the necro sword much more clear, unlike a certain other book that we shall talk about later.

Now, post this the movie shifts to Korg, telling a story making a subtle but noticeable call to this movie's theme of myth's legends and gods, as he tells the tale like you would tell a myth.

Now, this serves another purpose, this bridges the gap between the last time we saw Thor and this movie, while also working as a harry potter reference as Thor uses storm-breaker as a flying broom, while giving us the first action scene, where Thor destroys an army singlehandedly, I only wish I hadn't gone to 4DX maybe I would have spilt less popcorn and coke, but that's beside the point.

Now with this set up done, we turn to Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis, the former of which is clearly sick as f*ck, to heal herself she decides to go to new Asgard, in Tonsberg, which has now been turned into a tourist hotspot, the most obvious way for them to earn, and Valkyrie is just done with politics and doing advertising deals.

So now, to move on with the plot, we see lady Sif for the first time since 2014, and multiple other distress calls, so Thor and the guardians part ways, kinda wish they were in more of the movie, but it is what it is, and this leads to our first introduction to Gorr as the God Butcher.

So, let's talk about him, Gorr, is the perfet corrupted villain, what I mean with that is, he is a villain only because something is corrupting him and enhancing the negative aspects of his personality.

Now however long he is in the movie, I have no issue with, and I even think he is in it for enough time, but, I still wanted more of him, everything from his twisted smile, to his creepy laugh, and the way he talks is so awesome, I just can't get enough of him.

It is also a nice switch array that he is fighting for the sake of his daughter, and on the path he kidnaps multiple Asgardian and other children. Now at first my question, like many others was why did he kidnap and keep these kids, fleeing from the battle, when he could have just killed them and the other Asgardians, now yes, Thor was kinda messing him up, so yes, it makes sense to lure him out, but it still wasn't enough for me.

But then the movie slaps you in the face with the best explanation it could have, Storm-breaker has the Bi-Frost, which is the key to the GATE of ETERNITY, yes, the thing that is the embodiment of the universe in the comics, is here.

And we learn this information from the best character in the movie fecking Russel Crowe as Zeus, also there's bao the god of dumplings, anyone that is the god of Dumplings deserves a mention.

Russel Crowe Kills it as Zeus, I must say, he is exactly the kind of snooty, over the top Jerk I imagined from the myths.

And as seen in the trailers, he flicks too hard.

So, I have something to talk about, so marvel is talking about the Hall of the gods, like Thor and the others are actually gods, like I thought that, Thor and the Asgardians were just Aliens worshipped by the Humans as Gods, and okay... one can say that this kind of thing is a common phenomenon in the universe, and many "Gods" are therefore made, but like, to make a meeting place for all the gods, that implies that they play a more important role than, strong Alien. and also there are Celestials in that hall, who actually are gods, so... I'm a bit confused.

And also what were the Celestials doing when Thor, Jane and Valkyrie killed Zeus and ran away? like they were literally right next to them, wtf? I guess the only explanations to this are either they knew Zeus wasn't really dead or that they didn't care for the bastard, which yeah, I can see why.

Now, there are a lot of Awesome things in this movie, like the reveal of the Shadow Realm, These two Celestials, The other gods, Mighty Thor: Jane Foster, Zeus and his death, and the post credit scenes, and in this movie they feel ten times stronger, to me at least, I know people have other opinions

And that is because of something that has been a criticism of the MCU for a long time, it's aversion to letting three seconds pass without a Joke. Now imagine this, Thor feels like he has no one, he had guardians, but they had to leave him too, and in this turmoil he meets his old girlfriend, who has his old weapon, which storm-breaker clearly doesn't like, and now Jane has cancer, and every time she uses Mjolnir she makes it worse, and the movie ends with her heroic sacrifice to destroy the necro-sword, and yet, yet, Gorr wins, an what does Thor do?

He accepts defeat, and chooses to spend his last moments with his love, Jane Foster, and advices Gorr do the same, he has one wish, kill all the gods, or bring back what their ignorance took from him, his daughter.

And in taking care of Gorr's returned Daughter Thor finds his new purpose.

This is all pretty powerful stuff. And it feels powerful in the movie, and at least for me, this is really emphasized in the movie cause most of the movie is pretty light hearted, and so when the movie pulls off the bandage, like when Thor Keeps dodging the question of why he wont let Jane pick up the hammer and when he answers it, you can feel his devastation in saying that, it just hits harder, to me.

As I said, many felt the movie was tonally inconsistent or not taking itself seriously for all the weird silly jokes in the Movie, and I get that I totally do, I am an Ezio era Assassins creed fan, I too wanted to drive my face through a pole at the epic funny chicken monster in Assassin's creed Valhalla, like wtf was that.

Not to mention that was a repeat of a Joke from Assassin's Creed: A Chicken Odyssey, Haha, he named it Chickaros, so funny, yeah F*ck off.

But I digress, main thing is, I liked the Humor in Thor Love and Thunder, and thought it embellished the movie, even though I get the other side too.

Now to talk about the ending, Thor Love and Thunder has the best "Oh my god, that's the name of the movie." as it reveals that Thor Gave Gorr's Daughter storm-breaker while he uses Mjolnir, and the pair together are called "Love and Thunder", Again this is only my opinion.

But that's not what I want to talk about, when she returns, for a moment, reflection in the water looks like eternity in the shape of a little girl, now of course that could just be because she returned from the well of eternity.

But seeing her all I could think of was, is that f*cking Singularity?

No prizes for guessing, singularity is the one with Stars all over her body, but who is singularity you ask? Well you are a the right place my friend.

Singularity is a Quantum, singularity(Duh) who gains sentience and takes on the form of a Human Female to better understand the Human Race, oh and there is the little fact that she has a whole pocket dimension inside her.

Put simply, she is a walking, talking and Superheroing universe.

Now, I am not saying that Love(Gorr's Child) is Singularity, although they do say, she returned from the well of Eternity with powers of a god, but that could mean a lot of things. But this has to be an easter egg of some sort right? And seeing that Singularity first appeared in Secret Wars, and that's where marvel seems to be headed, mate I am hyped.

But now that I have talked about all this, lets talk about some negatives mainly, as I said, I wanted more, Gorr, and Just scenes of him massacring people, which yeah I get, PG-13 and all, but the Audience has grown up Marvel, come on, but that being said, yeah, I am aware, Marvel is soon planning an R rated side, and have since increased parental controls on Disney Plus, maybe this is all deliberate, to make us really feel the need for an R rated side before diving all in, maybe that's why Blade is being delayed so much, they are waiting for the right moment.

And also, phase four is Kinda feeling disjointed a bit innit? I mean how branched out is Marvel right now, and there still seems to be no over arching threat, now from one angle, yes, we are still only halfway into year two of post endgame, so I am being a little unfair, but on the other hand, we have had like 13 projects into phase 4, so hello? I mean I get it, patience, and yes marvel is growing, so obviously it'll get more dense as it goes, I'm just saying, people mostly judge by number of projects and not the amount of time passed, but lets see, I have been hearing some talks of how Kevin Fiege will Appear at San Diego Comic Con, and D-23 and that's where we will see some threads connect, which like cool, lets see where this goes.

I might sound like I am disappointed in the MCU phase four, I am not, It's just there's a lot of set up going on, and we in the era of Netflix dropping everything at once, we(including me) have lost quite a bit of our patience, and I feel that's not great for creatives, and being a creative myself, I am happy to see the drop everything at once Business Model Failing and being replaced by the Weekly drop, which in my opinion is better for both Audiences and Businesses and obviously creatives. Cause creativity takes time dammit, again, I do not take pleasure in anyone's failure, I'm just talking about the Model Failing. And I hope in future everything will switch over to Weekly releases, Hopefully bringing back some of our lost patience.

I'll drop a link to a great video by cosmic wonder which actually goes over this issue quite well, and I mostly agree with/like.

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