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Ahsoka Episodes 1&2, Is this the show star wars deserves or the one it needs right now?

Shin Fights Sabine Wren
the most exciting Stand off of all time

The first two episodes of Ahsoka have been out a while, and now I have had some time to think about the whole thing. It has everything mysterious Ahsoka, Rebellious teen the Sabine wren, Mysterious Fallen Jedi, the set up to a new Galaxy, And I liked it on the whole. Well there you have it. That's my review.

Well no, that's not all I want to say, this show seems in a way to be slow and thoughtful just like Andor, with a serious overall tone, with some levity and humor when needed, mixed with the lightsaber action that many fans were crowing about the absence of in Andor, because god forbid a show not be flashy.

But it got me thinking, with the recent track record of Disney plus shows, is it even worth getting my hopes up? I mean sure, it's off to a good start but then so was secret invasion, and that ended with Drax armed Khaleesi.

Khaleesi with the Arm of Draxx, the most epic crossover of all time.
I am the mother of Dragons! I am Also Draxx

And then of course we have the Mandalorian season 3 which was.... hit and miss. And this is once again a six episode series that will burn through its watch time faster than the beating sun will dehydrate you in a desert.

There is a lot of interesting stuff here.

Take The inquisitor Marrok

Inquisitor Marrok
But is this Star Killer though?

Is he Ezra? Is he Starkiller? Is he absolutely no one? And we fans are making up mysteries where there are none?

Who knows, but Disney has been known to muck up all three types of scenarios. If he is Ezra, then people have to watch Rebels to get the significance of this betrayal, and even though shows like invincible have in recent times elevated the value of animation, a large majority of Audiences still would hate to watch a "children's cartoon" to understand what is going on.

And also, most people really hate going and back-watching stuff anyways, not to mention the previous track record of Disney Plus shows should turn off people even more.

I mean sure we have that original recorded message from Ezra played in the first episode, but honestly, for someone with no knowledge, that's just exposition.

What about Starkiller?

Here is the reaction.

Korrath the Destroyer "Who?" Meme

Not everyone has played the force unleashed games, and so not everyone will know who Star Killer is, besides, the games are old and Legends, the Canon continuity has no reference to Vader's secret apprentice.

Dropping that out of the blue? Not a good idea. Especially in a six episode run.

What about nothing? Well fans have already latched on to this one and want an answer, besides, it's not just fans, there is some objective mystery to this one; I mean an inquisitor? After the empire has been gone for five years.

So if the answer is: it's nothing don't think about it. Allow me to introduce Ralph Bohner.

Ralph Bohner making a smoothie in Wanda Vision
Huh! Bohner!

So what to do? Well, it is simple enough, give things some space to grow and breathe, set up Ezra or Star Killer or whoever it is here, and so fans don't have to go back and watch shit, and Disney doesn't have to be so held to its past mistakes anymore. Problem is, there is no space. So the answer to this mystery has to be something outside the show that is preestablished.

Even the whole dynamic that the crew of the Ghost has, I have had many of my friends tell me they don't get it, how do I explain to them that there is a four season catch up to do?

And there is no way the shows can be longer because, one doesn't end before another project starts, so either drop multiple episodes together, make them longer, or even better, reduce the number of projects, so there's less to catch up and each show has more space so can be more self contained, which you know yes, they are doing now, but, I do wonder if this is too far gone, give me one Disney Plus show without a rushed ending, or a botched Climax.

Baylan Skoll another interesting fella,

Baylan Skoll in the Beginning of Ahsoka Episode 1
I am a Dark and Brooding Jedi with a Dark and Brooding Past

Finally, after all this time we Get the Dark Jedi.

And these guys do not disappoint, killing like no ones business, being absolutely Badass and hella mysterious.

But while I had hoped that these guys would be a third party in all this, you know someone with their own Agenda, it seems they are already tied into the whole return of Thrawn Plot, and sure, they can still have their own Agenda, and be independent Agents, it does seem like they will be secondary antagonists, here and if they are to be finished off in this show, then that's not much is it?

And if they are handed off to the rest of Star Wars, then I have a feeling they will be mishandled, just like everything else, innit?

Also, there is a new Galaxy now.

Sabine Wren Solves the Star Chart and finds a way to the New Galaxy
Why does the Star Wars Galaxy have such a big Blackhole in the Center though wtf?

And this has given a lot of fans hope that perhaps this means that FINALLY, something can get past the sequel trilogy.

I mean till now everything that happened to be good in the post Disney Plus era, there has always been this looming cloud of the sequel trilogy, because its all going to go to shit anyways, so what's the point?

But now, with this new Galaxy, these few people can go to this new Galaxy and the sequels can happen, and then they come back, my god!

But like, maybe the set up in this show is good but... then it will be handed off to the rest of the Star Wars team

How can I trust a good beginning when we have seen how badly it can all go?

And look, I know let it play out and all that, and trust me I want to but Frankly, I am skeptical, and I would rather save myself unnecessary disappointment, I have life for that thank you very much.

But yes, this show, so far, does give me some hope, even though the first episode does end with yet another person surviving a lightsaber stabbing.

Shin stabs Sabine Wren
Qui Gonn has officially left the chat.

I mean, on the Whole, it does have an old Western feel to it, something that I have not felt so intensely for a long time in Star Wars, I mean there was the Mandalorian for a bit, but then a pop star cameoed in it and now I don't know what's real anymore.

But the air of mystery, the potential for the future and that at least so far every character seems to be driven by character motivations and not by things the writers pull out of their ass for Plot or other external reasons, Give me hope.

So I really hope and wish this one is good, but the show has a lot to live up to, a lot to get correct, if it wants to win anything. And there is a lot of good, here, the ex Jedi, the new inquisitor, the Nightsister, the new Galaxy, the possibility of these guys going there to retcon the sequel trilogy without actually Retconning it, but the question is can the do it?

or will they be slaughtered like those guard at the beginning of Episode one?

Baylan Skoll revealing that he is no Jedi by Killing the Ships Captain
I left the Captions on cause its funnier that way


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