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Antman and the Wasp Quantumania: the Fallacy of movie criticism.

I went into this movie somewhat apprehensive, Marvel in recent times hasn't been it's former self, thanks in no small part to the sheer amount of content they have been putting out and the resulting lack in quality control that is apparent in all of their content, I hope and really hope that this get's pulled back.

But that aside, I think there is a very important thing that I realized while watching this movie, I love it but the critics are right... and wrong at the same time. What do I mean? Well there is two parts to criticism, one is listing the ingredients of a movie, mention all the moving parts and then address how each together or individually impacted the movie in your opinion.

They are right about the first thing, but I think they are way off the point on the second one. Which might make your head go in circles if you happen to be someone who looks at all this stuff critically, if you do, I am happy you exist, please reproduce more, you are a dying breed. Anyways, bullshit humor aside, what I mean is, that the second part is an opinion, how can you be wrong about an opinion? Well there is one way, if it deviates from fact, but that isn't possible as, news flash, movies have the ultimate goal of making people enjoy them, and that, can never be something that is objectively stated, only thing that can be objectively stated is the stuff in the movie.

So there is no way they can be "wrong" in this place right. Well if it is only opinion then sure, but critics, have a responsibility to their readers, as based on their opinions others will decide whether or not to consume said product.

And so... if a critic has a pre existing bias, or viewpoint that deviates from that of the intended audience, that is going to create an issue, I guess calling them "wrong" is a strong word, but you know for lack of a better term.

And here is the thing, not everyone's a critic, they are without a doubt a minority of movie going audience, most people go watch a movie and then don't think about it. or maybe they do but certainly their lively hood doesn't depend on it.

And here in lies the first problem, see, as a critic, whether traditional or influencer, you have a pressure on you, to watch a movie, and get a review out in the right period of time, so your readers can read your review and make their decision quickly, of course you do realize, that your readers can just chose to not read you and make a decision in which case you would risk loosing a portion of your lively hood. And because it is a part of your lively hood, you must do it, for many many movies.

Now, that is certainly a difficult task for any person, and what do you do when faced with such difficulties? Well, you develop shortcuts, i.e. instead of sitting down and micro analyzing ever single detail from scratch while throwing out all pre existing bias, you make mental boxes and presuppositions to ease and quicken your work, so for example if you saw a person wearing blue as the main character and every time you did that the antagonist wore red, then you would make this presupposition and expectation.

And while the way I put it seems like a deliberate act, that's actually far from the truth, this is subconscious, for the most part, your brain realizing how often you are forming that same conclusion and the necessity of it, decides to make life easy for you.

But here is the thing, the average movie goer, doesn't do that, in fact they probably watch far lesser movies than the average critic, and they also probably watch less diverse movies.

And so when a critic says, something is cliché and overdone, probably is, for them, but for the average viewer, who knows.

When a critic says, that for example, Kang being killed at the end of the movie makes him less of threat, it does, for them, but for me, and many others I know, it made him an even bigger threat, when paired with the mid credit scene.

Sure this guy is gone, but there is infinitely more of him, and while one might say, hey, multiple of a very small threat is not compelling, firstly you might want to re think that, as this movie made it very clear how multiple small threats, for example ant, when free of something like Time(they went through time dilation and Kang being the master of time that's not really an issue for him) and united by a common goal, can straight up trample over any threat, and they made it believable too, many of them died, but in the end, the group won, they broke Kang completely, and no, that does not diminish him because the threat was truly believable, and he came back and without any of his tech, beat the shit out of Ant Man.

And by the way can I just say how awesome it was to see Hank the original Antman stand triumphantly, looking like an older Nathan drake as the ants swarm Kang.

And then what they beat him right? Or do they? What does Scott do? He blows up the energy core, something mind you he couldn't have done if Kang had paid attention and not let him get anywhere near the core, and this was at a point when Antman had his suit but Kangs was broken, and before you say Antman's was too, mate, not at the start, Kang broke it.

Basically it took a swarm of extremely evolved ants, a full on rebellion, and an extreme amount of luck to beat one of these dudes, and sure if this was it, he would be underwhelming, but that's only because the Heroes didn't beat him for their own merit, but due to all these external factors, and to a critic or movie influencer, that will lead a bad taste, because movies with that at end unceremoniously defeat the bad guy always are bad, experience says so right?

But that's not the point, sure you beat this guy cause you had all these things in favor of you, but he is going to keep coming, again and again and again, and even one of these times if something goes wrong, Game over.

Yeah the critics are right this movie is concerned more with being the first chapter of something rather it's own thing, but, why is that bad? I'll tell you why it is to a critic, Because movies that have done that in the past have almost always been bad, and I am putting it this way, because every critique I have read online says that this is more concerned with being a chapter than its own thing and stops, it's just assumed that its bad, no explanation needed as to why, because that's how it is! Right? But tell me one thing, have people not had this one chapter of a book that they absolutely love and they just pick the book up to read that one chapter again and again, maybe you never even read past that chapter, especially if its an introductory chapter, you know what I mean, you hit something so good, you just keep re reading and re reading it.

And the thing is a casual movie goer who hasn't seen so many movies that act as chapters and so is less likely to be primed against them, they are more likely to have an open mind.

And this is not me saying that criticism as a whole is defunct, remember a majority of Critics were once people like you and me, casuals, who found a way to make something they enjoy into their work, and people often don't forget their past, and besides, this is something that critics are mindful of, but you know how it is, if so much is stacked against you, one or two slip ups will happen.

Look I might have sounded a little pissed at all this, and to be frank, I am, but I don't begrudge the critics, It's just unfortunate, critics have a huge impact on a movie's performance, and now this movie has that stacked against it.

But I think there is hope, see the average movie goer is starved of some good good Star Wars content, and mate, if you saw the trailers and thought, this looks like star wars, you have seen nothing.

And like that line, "my life happened because I messed up" I think that is what made me fall in love with this, this movie has done an amazing job hammering in the point that Ant man is a mess, his life makes no sense, and that's relatable, that I think will do wonders for this movie. Let's see.

And You know all that said, I have to say this, this movie could and should have been better, I mean just because something is good, doesn't mean there is nothing in the world better than it.

And there is one critic or rather film influencer (Idk, he runs a movie live stream show) I wholeheartedly agree with, John Campea, I mean not a hundred percent, but he said, the MCU has lost it's magic, and yes, yes it has, the fact that this is a conversation we need to have proves it, cause the way this movie is reviewed is only possible when at least some went in with a negative outlook. And the biggest factor to blame in this is the sheer volume of content these guys have been putting out.

I find it hard to agree with that.

But you know what? I think the future is bright, there is a change in leadership at Disney, Marvel's parent company, and, they are cutting back on the volume of content, Thank God.

Here are the two relevant clips from his show, you decide if you agree with this.

I was done with everything, and I was about to publish, when I realized, marvel fans have been watching too much content lately, and hence will fall prey to the same problems that critics have and they will also be resentful as with so much content quality often falls, and that is not going to spell good... well now I don't know what to think.

Hope that's all we can do I guess, and anyways, now we are seeing real tangible change where it matters, hopefully its not in vain. Have a good day guys, I need to go rest.


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