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Deadpool and Wolverine released a trailer, here's another pointless article on it.

Wade with hair gives weird laugh

Oh hey, wade grew hair!

Oh no wait, that's fake.

Wade's hair is fake

So finally, after a long wait this fucking trailer is out, and Deadpool is right!

Marvel Jesus

If the reader is wondering: why tf does this article have so many pictures in the beginning? then let me tell you, its deadpool baby! Being unorthodox and annoying is part of the game!

So one thing that intrigues me, who the hell is Paradox exactly?

For those idiotic enough to read this article without first watching the trailer, here's what you need to know: Deadpool get's whacked over the head and gets taken to the TVA and is met by one Paradox.

No no not that paradox

A shot of Paradox from Ben 10

Although I mean... this one's into time travel too... plagiarism?(I'm joking)

Jokes aside, Paradox seems to be(at first glance.) just another TVA employee, an analyst, to replace the wonderful and sweet Mobius(how dare they!).

But then, who is he exactly, other than Marvel's attempt to replace Mobius cause they made him fuck off at the end of Loki season 2(I know I am being unfair shut up.)

A simple google search reveals two people, the first is Paradox(strange) who is a Magical Construct of Aetheric energy, doesn't need to eat or drink or anything.

But based on the simple fact that he looks like this and is more or of a Midnight suns Character than a TVA Character I shall say, that ain't it fam.


The Paradox present in She Hulk is more Akin to Mr. Paradox showcased in the Deadpool trailer, which is appropriate as She-Hulk and Deadpool are the two most well known fourth wall breakers in Marvel Comics.

I mean... please don't be the She Hulk show Deadpool... please...

The only thing I know for sure about the Mr. Paradox character is that he was present for the She Hulk trial on whether she should be hit with the Retroactive Canon or not, which for context is a canon that wipes someone or something from reality entirely.

And in the end he got hit with the Retroactive Canon, which is like... okay...

Which makes me think that maybe his MCU fate will be the same and that makes me think if him and the TVA will play an antagonistic Role in the movie.

Or maybe its just him... who knows?

Wolverine is back, byeeee...

Also, wtf is wrong with Gwen's expression?

Gwen's weird expression in the Ben 10 photo.

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