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Demon Slayer The Hashira Training Arc Season Finale, The Hashira Unite to go to hell.

All hashira attack muzan

And the finale happened, And I took more than a week to talk about it.

Well you see life happened, but regardless, I am here now.

And the entire episode was a banger, complete from the entire time that Muzan and Ubuyashiki were talking to each other for one last time, to the final scene where he just drops them all into the infinity castle.

The entire season has been building up to this.

Ubuyashiki tells Muzan that he suspects killing him will wipe out all demons from the face of the Earth

Now I as a rule do not like stories that set it up as just kill the main villain and it is all over, and I knew that this reveal was coming, that Muzan dying would just automatically end all of Demon kind, I get that they are setting it up as a sort of Ironic thing, that oh his legacy is just over as he dies, but there are other ways to do that right?

Like there already exist good demons, why couldn't it just be, once he is dead the Demons no longer behave as they have been so far, that they just become like normal people, as a separate race.

Like that way the Demon slayer Corps can still exist and they have a purpose, and the other Demons, some of whom *cough* Kokushibou *cough* often have more potential than the "main" villain.

And I do think the more complex version of the show that will result as a sequel if they had chosen to go this route would be much more interesting, as then there would be good and bad Demons, and also, sequel potential, the higher ups love that shit right?


And I wont be the first to say this, but Kokushibou could have been a good replacement for Muzan, you know Muzan dies and he takes the top spot vowing to take the Demons in a new direction, and the Demon slayers begrudgingly let him go as they have no other way to cover up the power vacuum that the death of Muzan created.

Because that is what the deaths of powerful people do, they create power vacuums, they don't usually destroy the entire structure.

And I get it, this is a fictional story or whatever, but the thing is, the irony of Muzan's death wiping out the demons could have been interesting if it wasn't already such a common place trope to use the villains death to tie a sort of bow on the entire thing.

I mean the entire idea of this story is to challenge the status quo right? But no.

Well regardless the death of Ubuyashiki happens, he says that his death will motivate the Demon Slayers and all the Slayers that have been tracked throughout this arc by the new upper moon four Nakime get tossed into the castle.

but it's not as if my death will be for nothing.

And yes, it was amazing to see the explosion that slowed down Muzan in animation, and as well to see the Asakusa man's blood demon art and Tamayo making Muzan absorb her arm that had the drug to turn back Demon's into humans.

And whilst the presence of the Asakusa man's blood demon art is only more in favor of my idea of Demon's simply being a separate race, who may co exist with the humans, we shall skip that and talk about the movie trilogy that just got announced to cover the Infinity Castle arc, and as I said, I love that.

And I think this is going to be epic, I just wish there was a little more and it could have been even more amazing, and the thing is, I criticize because I care, like when you really love something, you also point out its flaws.

Tanjiro falls into the infinity castle.


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