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Gen V Episode 7, once again, this got too real and now I don't know what's real.

Grace Mallory tells Indira Shetty that what she is suggesting is Genocide.
Thank you for the acknowledgement, and not making it black and white

So, I don't know which direction Gen V was going to go after episode six, I mean I knew that Victoria Neuman was going to show up, but that's about it.

Of course they chose: superpowered allegory for the real world.

And I am really happy that the show is doing this, and doing this without any sugar coating and looking at this in an objective sense.

Many assume that objectivity means taking no sides, that's not true, objectivity is that in the beginning you take no sides, you don't make any presuppositions, and then you just lay out the facts as they are, and if the facts are towards one side, can't be helped.

Problem is though, in most cases there are skeletons in both closets.

And even so I am happy that they wrote the story line the way they did.

They could very easily had presented one side good other side bad, but no.

Indira Shetty seemed to be the evil doer after last episode, and while there was obviously the backdrop of: "well Vought is kinda shit and supers are kind of fucked." but seriously, Indira was planning was Genocide, then you realize why, her husband was on Transoceanic Flight 37, what flight is that?

This one.

Homelander doesn't save the plane.
On a serious note though, Homelander's expression is kind of funny innit?

Like seriously, this is why I love this sho-wait franchise now, they could have just made it a one and done thing, haha you think Superman can save a plane? Now look at him crash one.

But not only was that scene well written, they keep coming back to it, it keeps having long reaching repercussions.

Let's once again go through how the Boys Comics treated these topics.

1.This is superman but he eats babies.(yes Homelander ate babies in the comics)

Homelander eats a baby

2. Captain America but he's a f*cking coward who got his entire team killed... also he wet his pants.(man this person reminds me of Jenson Ackles so much).

Soldier boy pisses himself

3.We have Iron man, but he is a pervert.(that better not be foreshadowing.)

Iron man being a true man
you go king!

4. These are the X-men but professor X is that uncle your mom warns you about.

John Godolkin is that man your mom warned you about

Goddammit Garth Ennis, I get that you are bitter but seriously dude.

Do I have to bring this up every time?


Will I do it anyway?


So here we are in a situation that is so f*cking Grey that you don't know what to do, because on the one hand... FINALLY! HOMELANDER CAN DIE! On the other hand, whatever the f*ck did people like Marie do?

And for once I agree with the right wing nut, Supers are a minority now that you think about it, sure they are super powerful, but they are people!

Coleman asking Neuman if this is her way to prosecute one of the most prominent minorities in America
Shit got real innit?

And yeah Vought news is based on Fox news haha and the sky is also still blue.

But the thing that I like about this show here is they mixed up references and made both sides like both the right and the left, and besides, both sides are being controlled by people behind the scenes anyways(In the show of course)(yes... that is when it got too real).

Point is things are rarely black and white, except when it comes to murder and Genocide, those are always bad.

And while we are on the point of revelations, how about realizing that Neuman is exactly like Marie... I mean yeah, it makes sense, why she pops heads and Marie pops d*cks.

Honestly, I am surprised I didn't put two and two together faster, maybe because we already had a fake out head popper in Mindy back in the Sage Grove Center.

Cindy Blows up a head in the Boys season 2 in the Sage Grove center
How many of you fell for the ol' head popper fake out?

And of course Neuman never used the crazier aspects of her powers, like blood blades and blood whips, because they would be too obvious and she is playing all the sides, just like Stan Edgar taught her.

But one question, can Neuman blow up Marie? I mean she can... but can Marie counter it? I mean it was a little surprising that she didn't blow up Marie when she told her about the Virus, I mean, she would have been in on i...

My mind just blew a little bit, Edgar doesn't own Vought, Homelander does, so either Homelander is funding a virus that can control him or there are still people who can somehow defy him in Vought, I mean duh! But then you realize that one of them is Ashley...

Ashley planning a cover up for the whole Golden Boy suicide incident
Yes you would know that wouldn't you Ashley, since you work for one... technically..,

What is going on here? Is Ashley going against Homelander? Is it Stan Edgar pulling the strings again? I mean this would have started when he was still CEO right? Or did it not? and this is all Ashley Polarity and Shetty, then you think... Thomas Godolkein started this school to study Supes... so maybe not in this form but the woods probably existed since long...

Is Homelander the new CEO (maybe not CEO, but you get it... in charge... I am not good with terminology.) or not? I am so confused...

Well knowing The boys, they probably have something up their sleeves, they very rarely have inconsistencies in their interwoven narrative.

But all of that aside, there is something far more crazier here.

That last scene, where Cate makes Shetty kill herself... it is intense and disturbing on its own, because radicalization but... was it... real?

Cate pushes Indira Shetty to reveal the truth.

Because Cate is capable of creating hallucinations, and in the previous episode, she wasn't exactly touching the protagonists when she created the hallucination, and literally we see it here that she can give new commands without contact, it makes her eyes bleed, but that's it...

And on top of that, this is a drastic shift for the character, like she didn't know all of this already? She has been inside the woods, what is the new knowledge, that it was a complete front? Like... she knew most of it was alreadt f*cked, and Cate saw Indira's mind and saw that she loved her, she wants that desperately, to be truly loved, and while we are on this topic, she isn't someone who is so aggressive, hurting people takes a lot out of her, sure... making people do unnecessarily over the top kinky stuff like give a blowjob to a torch is one thing, but to make someone kill themselves?

That would require a super drastic revelation... one that I don't see happening.

I believe the one last push... was Cate creating a hallucination for all of them, to make them think Indira died and now with her death faked, she can run away, and finally hide what she wants to do.

But then how though? Dr. Cardossa gave away the formula to Neuman and then died... I cannot predict anything and I love it.

Victoria Neuman Kills Dr. Cardossa


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