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Gen V episode 5 is the Biggest twist after "I am your father"

Emma lying naked in her giant form
Beauty Sleep

Okay the title is a joke, nothing can beat star wars, but then again snape did kill Dumbledore(well actually no, the bigger twist was him being one of Harry's protectors, but then again... memes) and it was Agatha all alon... sorry CATE! IT WAS CATE.

But then I do have a lot of questions, so... they gave everyone of them a tracker after wiping their memories but... Marie has blood powers... do they not know that she can detect them? Or did they want her to detect them and then blame it on creepy creeperson also known as Rufus.

Rufus defending himself
I found this screen grab by accident and I feel proud about it.

Look I get why the memory wipes weren't perfect, Cate was getting tired of manipulating her friends again and again, but the tracking implants were from the Dean... right? So why would she be so careless? Or is she just biding for time, because she knows that it is only a matter of time, it is so bad an oversight in an otherwise meticulous planner's plan, that it almost makes one think that there is more to it.

Or maybe the writers just messed up, or maybe I'm just overthinking and Shetty just didn't know about Marie's detection powers, but then Cate goes to her... okay then everything happens too soon.... Who knows, regardless the rest of the show is so good that this is kind of papered over.

Although I must say, not cool on making Emma flash her giant ass to the world, but then it did help her get over getting giant, so... silver lining?

In terms of narrative I believe that this is the point at which the rising action reaches a fever point forcing the characters to make difficult choices and/or confront their worst fears/insecurities.

Sam is already doing this in this episode, in an amazing acene where his hallucinations take over and the entire scene is essentially puppets being murdered in gruesome ways.

Sam killing someone and hallucinating them to be as a puppet.
So much for Sesame street

See this is why I watch the Boys, to hell with all the gratuitous murder and depraved sex, puppet murder? Now that is more of what I want.

In all seriousness though, what is Vought thinking? I mean why send a bunch of expendable soldiers to kill a schizophrenic superpowered kid who hates them?

Man I am being very critical here aren't I?

Well Anyways, there isn't much else to talk about in this episode of Gen V not much exclusive happens here, most of what happens is either a culmination of what we already knew was going to happen, or set up for what is about to happen.

Regardless it is a very enjoyable episode so there is that, not all episodes have to have deep themes(or maybe I'm just defending myself cause I have nothing to say.)

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