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So Gen V episode 6, Finally everything is falling into place innit.

Soldier Boy says: She came like a faucet
When someone says the perfect description doesn't exist

Of course I made this the Thumbnail.

You know when I was on the internet looking through Gen V predictions and it came out that Jensen Ackles was going to make an appearance, I saw one comment pleading to god that Soldier boy doesn't die in this episode... well they got their wish... He still died though.

Soldier Boy the imaginary friend dies, don't worry the real Soldier Boy is still alive
Death aside, Soldier boy actually looks pretty cool with the red lightning around him

So how did that happen? Is Soldier Boy the new Schrodinger's Cat? Well no, this entire episode - or rather most of it - takes place inside Cate's head, or rather in some sort of mental simulation made by Cate's powers, because while initially it is all of just Cate's memories and things significant to her life, it quickly becomes apparent that some of the other people's memories are bleeding in too.

And because this is so stressful for Cate, the Blood Vessels in her head are popping and the simulation shows this as powerful lightning strikes, causing destruction and killing Soldier Boy, who just happens to be Cate's childhood crush and imaginary friend, and describes how she pleasured herself to him in a very graphic manner.

And then we have the immortal line: "Knock! Knock! Who's there? Go f*ck your face."

What are the show's writers high on, whatever it is, the world needs more of it.

Soldier Boy gives the command to fuck your face
Soldier Boy tells you to f*ck your face, you f*ck your face.

And while we are on the subject of F*cking, let's talk about Emma and Sam... well I think it's cute and all, but um... that boy is traumatized Emma, you sure there aren't any red flags you looking past before you jump into a... I don't know... is this a relationship? I mean he is pretty hooked on to you...

Look let me be clear, I completely support the fact that Trauma survivors need to be treated with kindness and deserve help, but that doesn't mean you just... start dating them right after you meet them.

I mean in terms of timeline its been what... days? Since she met him?

Anyways, looking past that.

Now going through the episode one can easily come out with the misconception that the first scene in which Cate pulled from the memories of others is when it is revealed that Jordan knew something was going on with Brink after they walked in on Golden Boy and Brink having a disagreement.

Marie and Andre confront Jordan, on their knowing what was going on with Soldier Boy
But seriously, what though?

And I will use this scene to prove why, so in this scene something bad is revealed about Jordan, i.e. that they knew or rather had some inkling of what was going on, and not only choose to do nothing but got a promotion to T.A. for doing nothing.

And then by the end, the Jordan that is created by the simulation proceeds to talk directly to the real Jordan and berate and confront them with their ineptitude while ignoring the others.

In every Scene that was based around Cate, it revealed something her and every creation of the simulation ignored the onlookers completely.

Now lets look at the scene where Golden Boy reveals that Andre was screwing Cate behind his back and then proceeds to attack him.

Imaginary Golden boy attacks Andre.
this scene made me wish we had more golden boy though.

If this was a creation of Cate's mind, this wouldn't happen, because like her imaginary friend said, she loved Andre, so then why would this be something she would want, not just that, the "Luke" in this scene addresses only Andre and no one else, and then proceeds to attack him, this is the first time we moved from Cate's mind to someone else's which begs the question, did Andre lie when telling Tek Knight that this happened only later, and if so, why was he so apprehensive when he was doing it?

I believe it is completely possible that he was just apprehensive because he felt guilty and ashamed now that Golden Boy is dead.

But I think it is more than that, Cate gave them back every memory she ever took away, so I guess, this was also a memory that she took away, still doesn't justify the fact that he actually wanted to do it.

In other reveals we have that Indira is the one who got Cate into God U, and Marie killed her parents partly because she couldn't control her powers and partly because she was angry they barged in, seriously, where is sex ed?

But it does have a somewhat wholesome ending, in the sense that all of the protagonists look at Cate and somewhat accept her back because they realize all of them are equally fucked up.

Also Dean Shetty is making a Supe killing Virus, that's it that's what the woods is, thank me later.

The Woods Virus Kills a Supe.
Holy shit this is a gruesome way to go innit, like come on, there are faster ways to kill someone.


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