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Good Ending, Just wish it was longer| Ms.Marvel Episode 6: No Normal, Season 1 Finale Review

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

This episode was exactly what one would expect it to be, everyone from beginning to end was here, save the clandestines, because they are dead, and some in quite unexplained ways, like Zoe was just there out of no where. And so was Amir while they were planning.

Like okay, let's talk about that so they entered the school and locked it and DoDC was waiting outside and Amir came from outside, CROSSING THE DoDC BLOCKADE and we just glossed over that? Also not to mention if Amir can come in and surprise everyone, can't the DoDC? Like Hello? Okay maybe he knows a secret entrance, but like what if he wa followed? DoDC is outside! That's a bit shit innit?

But you know Ms.Marvel is a Formalist show, kinda like Scott Pilgrim vs the world, so I'll let that slide, also because the plan was awesome to see unfold.

But it still took me out.

Towards the end Kamran started to Realize what had happened to his mother, and that part actually made sense to me, like yeah Kamala is trying to give her away to the red daggers, what reason does he have to trust them? And them him? So yeah it made sense when he started to go against Kamala, cause he saw the world as no one will accept him, and so he lashed out, and Kamala talking him down was genuinely one of the most heartfelt moments for me, but I do believe their relationship is fractured now somewhat, but then he just agrees to go to the red daggers?

Like okay, in the moment, he had no where to go, so it made sense, but he went all the way to Pakistan and to the red daggers hide out willingly? It's a bit of a stretch, as happy as I am for him to be where he is, I just I could feel the writers struggling a bit.

And on a whole Zoe, and Kareem didn't get their justice, Kareem for he played too small a role, at least on screen, and Zoe cause.... why is she here again? Like don't get me wrong, I liked what she brought to the table, but like I said, it was out of no where.

What I'm saying is, Disney, Disney, Disney, LISTEN TO ME! You need more episodes in your shows(not Kenobi, make that a movie please and we will worship you) all of them have the same criticism, it feels like they are rushed at the end.

And yes, Wanada Vision had more episodes, but you know what? they were shorter... so much so, that if you combine the time of the episodes of a six ep marvel show, and Wanda Vison, Wanda Vision actually has, LESS TIME, the finale had more issues, yes, but... it feeling rushed was a big one.

But now that that's done, let's talk about what I really liked, and there was a heck of a lot of that.

You see, even past my criticisms, Ms.Marvel will undoubtedly go as my favorite Marvel show of all time. Because not only was it lovely and a delight to watch, it also introduced me to one of my favorite characters in Kamala, and, it introduced the Mutants... we will get to that.

But first, let's talk about the screenshot above, this is the scene where Kamala gets her superhero name, Kamala, does indeed mean Miracle, Marvel etc. and this scene where, the dad and the daughter bond is just so endearing, and to top it all off, we get him staring at the sky in awe, saying magic.

You know what, everything that anyone in Kamala's family says anything in this series it's just the most endearing thing, now I personally related a lot the family, but that's obvious seeing that they are a south Asian family and I am south Asian, but turns out it wasn't just south Asian cause I heard youtuber and Movie commentator John Campea, say something along the lines of, "there are some cultural differences, but when you see the mom, that is also your mom." And I'll just say, that's awesome.

For me, personally, I liked the dad better than the mother, mostly because I'm closer to my own dad than my mother, but that's just me.

The other thing I like was of course the fact that, Kamala's costume was made by her mother, see as I believe I said before, the family aspect of this series if the strongest aspect of it, so we see, every bit of her costume being made as she goes along, and finally we see the symbol being her broken earring, which the mother includes into the suit.

And there is of course the fact that, in episode one they made a cosplay for Kamala over night, and it was a good cosplay too, but that wasn't something she liked, but this time around, her mother comes over to her side and makes a costume based on captain marvels costume.

I also missed the last time, but I believe it was in my episode two review that I said, the mother knows more than she is letting on, and then we see that all the things that Kamala had were already told to Muneeba(the mom) by her mother Sana, she just took them as fantasies that destroyed her life and made everyone around them sidetrack them, and so obviously she wanted her daughter no where near those things, but now that she has realized the truth she is as supportive as ever.

And oh my god, I just realized something about what her grandmother said in the fourth episode, I can't believe I missed it, But we will get to that.

I just want to say this before we go on to what I consider the real meat of the episode, and that's not to say the rest of it wasn't great, cause it was, it's just that what I want to talk about is just that good. But before that, I'll stand by and die on the hill that this series needed at least one or two more episodes, but considering the limitations they did a great job with ending this show.

The Scott pilgrim vs the worldisms came back, so did all the characters, even Kareem, and as much as I criticize the out of no where nature of some of their arrivals, they were funny and they played into it, the entire plan, to use soft balls, fire extinguishers and multiple people dressed similarly was so home alone vibes and I love it.

The ending was also just the crowd coming together to protect Kamala, and a montage of social media, the former is very reminiscent of spiderman two, which will always have a special place in my heart, and the latter is just an awesome part of the show.

Kamala, really comes into her own in this episode, and if this series is looked at just from her perspective, it is perfection incarnate. Especially love the scene where she saves Kamran and stops him from killing people simultaneously, that was awesome. Not to mention she says here catch phrase "embiggen" though that was Kinda out of nowhere, but it's a catchphrase, we can let that go.

Now, one last thing, while the DoDC was the big bad this time, I'm happy that they showed this was like one rogue agent and the higher ups weren't full on in, cause yeah, the DoDC plays an important role in the MCU, not to say I don't think they aren't super shady, cause they definitely are, and since this was set up by Tony Stark, I would say I will love to see the A.I.M. remnants from Iron Man three somehow having infiltrated the organization in a parallel to Hydra infiltrating shield.

Cause like in Iron Man three I didn't really feel like A.I.M. was done justice, and they brought back the Mandrine and did him justice, might as well for A.I.M. and also I heard a Marvel youtuber I follow a lot, spout the same opinion that he believes that DoDC is A.I.M. like, and so I'm just more confident now.

So now to move on to the real stuff, the one week later scene and the post credit scene.

So after Kamala get's her name and the light post scene, we move to a week later, where Bruno is leaving for Cal-Tech and we see him in Kamran's car, and also learn that Kamran left him the car, which yes I believe, the two did bond after they ran from DoDC together.

But then as they are about to say goodbye, Bruno says that Amir wanted to know if he had powers too, which I totally believe, and we learn that he checked Kamala's and Amir's genetic make up, which at first I was like, how does he know how to do that? But then this is the MCU, they are already pretty far ahead in terms of tech compared to our world, and this is a Cal-Tech student in this world, I'm pretty sure he knows how to do that.

But regardless, he says there is something different in her Gene's like a mutation, and then, in all it's eighties cheesiness plays the X-men 97 theme.

it's subtle, but its there if you are looking for it. And hey, just like that Mutants are a thing! And I was going to say, this is a great way to introduce them, because yes, in the comics, she is inhuman, but post realizing that mutants wont work for them on the big screen thanks to them not having the movie rights, Marvel started pushing inhumans as their mutant stand in, so it's only appropriate that in their return home, they get an inhuman to go over to the mutant's side which in case you didn't know, Inhumans vs Mutants is a thing in the comics too, the two factions clash a lot.

And while on the topic, let me mention what I found out just while typing this article, so Nanni says that what's the fuss its just Genetics when Kamala asks if she is a Jinn, and now looking back I'm like, mutants? how cool is that? the signs were there all along we just needed to see.

And now to the post credit scene, I'll ask one thing before I talk about it, what is the bangle exactly? at first it was clear that it was conduit like Mjolnir and helped her focus her control over the Noor, but then, it had time travel powers, and now teleportation powers? Okay... but this is the MCU, we will surely come to know more soon enough.

But regardless, Carol Danvers is back, and she must have had a make over cause she is looking better than ever, and so we see the Segway that this show will take into The Marvels

So that'd be it for me, and now I am ready for a loooooong break, don't get me wrong, I love doing this, but Kenobi, and Ms.Marvel and the Boys at the same time? God's this was a nightmare to keep everything going, not to mention I began the blog quite late. But hey, all's well that ends well right?

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