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Invincible Season 2 Episode 7, your trauma is just as much a part of you as everything else, and it's not going anywhere.

Mark and Amber Hug

Infact, it will probably get worse and have more added on to it as time goes by. So what are you going to do about it?

Well certainly don't be Rick and go jumping off of ledges about it, that doesn't end the pain, it just passes it on to the next one. And while some might literally not care, Most people do this cause they decide that their loved ones are betternof without them, they are not.

But what about the immortal? Well what about him? He's going through it as well.

Bulletproof is right, if this is a family, their parents are getting a divorce.

The Immortal gets a temporary leave of absence.

Also give that man some space Cecil, come on.

Although I get it, man's making some hard decisions as well.

Like reassembling Donald and Rick with what initially seems to be against their consent.

But then...

Donald learns the truth about exactly how many times he has died.

Well at least he is dealing with it in a mature manner, at least he recognizes that the Trauma he suffered serves a purpose, and memory erasure is never the answer, Because these memories are a part of you as well, and erasing memories is only delaying the inevitable, and the more you delay it, the worse it gets over time.

But this isn't the only bit of Trauma on this side of the Invincible Pantheon, there is also... Rex.

My man decided to go on a mission all on his lonesome, cause he really needed that win I guess.

Props to invincible for allowing him that win, Also he can regrow teeth, as someone who has recently gone to the Dentist to have 23 cavities filled in, I sure can agree on the envy Rex feels.

And while we are on Rex, he really is growing up to be quite the amazing human being isn't he?

For someone who was introduced as the man-child type who cheats on his girlfriend with not one but three of the same person... yeah that is a sentence...

He really has come a long way.

Rex being the most mature person ever.

And as a result of having come a long way, my man offers to help the man who his ex has a thing for, and offers to take the slack for his holiday time.

All seems well for Mark and Amber until...

Anissa threatens Amber's life.

This perpetually constipated(sorry not sorry) looking lady is Anissa, and for those who have read the comics, she's the most hated character ever.


I won't say that, things are only kept as anti-pg as the show forces them to be around here.

Mark being Mark decides to not play the diplomatic card, and just straight up denies Anissa's demands to comply with his Viltrumite heritage.

And Anissa, proceeds to show him how non invincible, invincible is, and invincible, shows us again how invincible his will is.

Mark tells Anissa where she can shove her offer to help Earth if he helps conquer it.

Mark Survives this encounter, because as we will soon learn, The Viltrumites do indeed need Mark given where they are... Why? Well why don't you take a guess, they are a bunch of Social Darwinists and eugenicists after all, for context: See the High Breeds in Ben 10 Alien Force season 1 and 2.

Mark Survives, his and Amber's relationship on the other hand, does not.

Because it truly is a horrible feeling to have your life threatened and treated like a play thing simply because of certain family Drama of the one you are Dating.

And yes, Amber indeed has no agency, as hurtful as it is, sometimes everything can line up perfectly, but the world is just shit enough to break both of you apart.

Mark and Amber Break up.

So what now? what now, is Angstrom Levy, and a spiderman Cameo...

Yes... that happened in the Comics.

And not Just spider man, we have Batman as well, my man invincible singlehandedly pulled together DC and marvel.

Let's see if it actually happens.

Angstrom Levy threatens Mark's Family

And on that note, Nolan is going to be rescued, that is why Allen the Alien decided to deliberately get himself captured.

Now, I know the comics, I can say a lot, I won't though.

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