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Kill, a Hollywood Movie made by Indian Cinema.

Kill movie poster.

Now, if you have seen the Trailers of this movie, you already know the plot, it isn't very complicated, basically, there is a Train, and all the movies main action scenes happen there, and it is basically a group of thugs who got on the Train and a commando just goes through the Train killing everybody.

Now while this isn't a very complex concept, not even an original Concept, you are going there to see the... Killing.

And the thing is from the perspective of Indian cinema, this is really unexpected, the whole reason why the two commandos and the other main characters are on the train is because one of the main Characters, Tullika, is a daughter of a really powerful man, and as usual he wants to marry her off to someone.

Now, initially it would seem he would be a typical power hungry man, but in reality it seems this is a case of Tullika just assuming and it might have been okay to tell him about the relationship.

But all that aside,


Tullika Dies, she is killed by the Thugs, an that in the context of Indian cinema is unheard of, usually, by the end, the hero gets the girl.

And of course in terms of the story, that needs to happen because otherwise why would someone go all crazy and kill everyone? And that is what this movie is, its a constant escalation of action.

and that is another unprecedented thing, Indian Cinema generally doesn't have this much bloody violence, Animal is an exception but really this goes to different levels.

Perfume bottle in mouth and then burnt with a lighter, face caved in with a fire extinguisher, fire extinguisher opened in mouth... seriously.

And at every point the question of, why not just leave is brought up and properly answered.

And the Movie ends with an uncertain future, does the Commando die? We don't know, just an impactful standalone story, it's amazing, I love it.

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