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Logan the wolf: A fan film that is blowing up.

Logan the wolf a Wolverine fan film poster

Remember Vikings mate? How they used to literally live and die by combat? At least that's how they are depicted in Hollywood.

One thing that no one ever thought of but is an absolute genius move is setting up Wolverine in a Viking period.

Yes... That's what Logan the wolf is... Wolverine but Viking.

I saw this movie advertised on Instagram as I was browsing through it as you do, and while I took my own sweet time getting around to watching it, once I did, I was like, why did I take so long again?

So I guess it is prime time to make a movie around Wolverine given all the hype around Deadpool and Wolverine, and that seems to be exactly what the guys behind this movie did, and you know what, good for them, I'm not mad about it.

It's genuinely a good Movie.

Logan as portrayed in the fan film

Now it is just eleven minutes and initially I was hard pressed to see as to what I could write about this, but then the final few minutes of the movie came around... And... We will get around to it when it comes.

But this movie basically starts with Wolverine or Logan doing an ancient Viking ritual of the Berserker it seems, which is appropriate, if wolverine existed in that time he would definitely be a Berserker. If we however look at this scene carefully, we will see a tease to what/who Wolverine actually is.

I mean, most would already know Wolverine, but in case you don't, there is a clear indication here as he cuts his own palm and the wound disappears almost immediately.

Logan does a Viking Berserker Ritual

And immediately after this initial scene, we cut to Logan roaming the wilderness as he is approached by a group of presumably, bounty hunters, who are looking to score on the bounty on his head.

And they have a huge epic fight with some amazing choreography, and seem to kill Wolverine... But then... He heals. And we get this awesome line.

And the. The fight continues, as Wolverine fights the assailants exactly as someone who isn't afraid of being lethally wounded would fight, the fight is bloody and brutal.

One thing that I personally like but could be a negative for others is that initially Logan fights just like a Viking Berserker would, with normal weapons such as an axe, but then as he goes through his first "death" he brings out his claws, which are still metal... So... Who grafted that onto him? I mean he did have Bone claws initially... unless in this mythos he is born with a Metal skeleton, which he could...

Logan shows his claws

But I believe it is much more likely that it was Grafted onto him with some Seidr or Viking Magic. That would truly explain his attitude, I mean he is hated for sure, but there is this extra layer of pain which suggests to me he was experimented on, like the version of this character that we know and love.

He leaves one person alive, as he said he would to warn the people who sent them that he is a god and they should stay away from him.

And I was like... Okay... What are they going to do now... There's eleven minutes total in this... And then an axe comes and kill the one who was left alive... Now this in itself is a well known trope, basically someone has been on the sides watching and waiting to recruit Logan for whatever nefarious purposes he wants... The interesting thing is... Who is this person?

The first look at Magneto in this Viking setting

At first I thought well it has to be Saber tooth right? He's the only one who is somewhat an equal to Wolverine... But then... He pulls out a helmet and it is an epic mediaeval version of... Magneto's Helmet...

And this is where I was like dead ass awesome! And Magneto tried to recruit Logan but he refuses, and it is implied that he is killed but then the helmet on the ground moves implying he survived and was probably just testing Logan.

Viking Magneto shows his powers

Couple of quick things, why would this version of Magneto do that? Can he also heal? Which is cool and all but his skeleton is metal isn't it? Why would you attack him with the weapons that already failed to kill him magnetically or not... and secondly, the Magneto helmet was intended to prevent any psychic attacks on him, specifically from Professor X.

So does that imply the existence of Professor X in this alternate Viking universe? I'm probably thinking too much...

Now this is the end of me talking about the movie now I shall go into extreme Nerd mode.

So there is a strong implication that this is going to go further with more Viking era X-Men or it could just be it's own little thing and that would already be awesome... But I like being a Nerd... So I will be...

The closest thing to this in the Marvel comics that I can think of is Marvel 1602 which is our familiar Marvel characters but in the year 1602 in the service of Queen Elizabeth and it goes into all the magical madness that mediaeval fantasy often gets into...

Coverage of Marvel 1602

Which is what I believ will be a missed opportunity for this if they choose to go forwards with this, and don't go in that direction, because the involvement of the Viking Mythos is obvious, people will compare these people with extra ordinary abilities to Gods, of course they will.

And then they will try to counter and what better way than with Magic or in the case of Vikings, with Seidr, which is essentially what they called magic in their time.

Now obviously this isn't an official Marvel production so obviously it will not stick to the Stories from the comics if at all... In fact this being a fan production, they are much safer if they distance themselves as much as possible... But it is interesting to speculate.

And I truly hope we can see more fan projects like this and more from this creator... Because as I said... It is genuinely amazing.

Vikingr Logan prepares for battle


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