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X-Men'97 tollerance is extinction part 2 the world has gone to shit and everyone is back where they began

Xavier says just like you I am right back here.

The world has a strange way of bringing people back to where they were just a moment ago, things happen relationships break, the whole world breaks and then people are right back to where they began.

This is the point of this episode on a larger scale, that no matter what happens, people keep coming back to where they were in the beginning, Cyclops will always come for the X men, even after graduating, Charles will always be leading, Magneto will always try to make mutants rule over humans.

And this episode emphasizes that through some amazing scenes of Magneto getting back into his old costume, while the X men get back together, Charles is once again unable to walk as he left behind his Shi'ar suit and the team just blames him for giving Magneto the keys to the X mansion.

And we see as all the X men suffer from the Moses complex, being lead to the promised land but being unable to enjoy it.

One thing that immediately gave this episode a boost in quality for me, was the fact that after Magneto released the giant EMP, most people didn't even think to consider that this would also damage the Earth's Magnetic field as a whole, and yet, the episode chose to focus on that aspect of it, which is really interesting.

The group discuss how the earth Magnetic field is dying.

And the battle rages on once again, except this time professor X's side of the argument is looking more and more foolish because Bastion wasn't acting alone, he acted along with all the world governments, they all were in on his plan for genocide.

Magneto appears with a giant asteroid on top of the X mansion, rebuilding Asteroid M and asks for any mutants willing, to join in.

Magneto emphasizes how the Professor let them down, how he made Magneto sell a dream to the world, and how that dream lead to Genoshia and how Magneto saw the life drain from the eyes of a child he promised safety to.

Rogue and Sunspot join him, Rogue because she lost Gambit, Sunspot because his mother gave him up to the prime sentinels.

Magneto take Sunspot and Rogue.

The X men decide to go to their alternate base(which I forget the name of) and there we see the classic X jet and all of the classic costumes of the members as they split off into gold team and blue team.

Bastion takes his mother back to her home as all the neighbors are frozen in this catatonic state, which reminds me very much of Wanda Vision where in west view all the residents at the edge of the hex were just frozen in place or going through a fixed loop.

As Bastion lays his mother down he says "it's finally quiet." Meaning all the machines are gone and he as a technopath can't hear them anymore.

Bastion tells his mother that it is finally quiet.

The battle then rages on as Morph turns into the Hulk and Hulk-smashe... Sorry Morph-smashes the sentinels, which we learn are being powered by Bastion himself, because all other power sources are taken down by Magneto's giant em pulse.

And they almost succeed in getting the mutant repression collar onto Bastion but fail.

Why the mutant repression collar? Well that's because Cerebro detected Bastion all those years ago, meaning his powers also work like that of a mutant, and so they can depower him the same way they can depower a mutant.

He is not in the X men because his mother slammed the door in Xavier's face as soon as she heard the word mutant.

Bastion could have been an X man

Also on that note, Bastion's mom is actually in the original show, in the season 4 episode one man's worth where nimrod goes back in time to kill a young professor X and succeeds creating an alternate timeline where the X Men don't exist.

In this episode there is a diner they go to and there is a waitress there who is apparently Bastion's mother.

On the other side the blue team arrives on asteroid M to be greeted by Sunspot Magneto and Rogue.

The fight on all fronts is intense, and in the midst of this intensity, Storm and Jean have a heart to heart as they rekindle as sisters, which reminds me, Storm doesn't know or all the shenanigans with Madelyn Pryor, she just knows that Jean gave birth to Cyclop's son.

And also in the middle of all of this, Sinister finds Jean and starts taunting her, telling her that if she plays nice, he can tell her where she ends and Madelyn begins, but she rejects him and claims that Madelyn fights with her today.

And then Cable comes along, controlled by Sinister in the same manner he was controlling Madelyn, because she did create him, and as the two fights we are lead to believe that Jean does(although I don't think she did) as she says I love you to Scott telepathically.

Cable is controlled by Mister Sinister.

As the battle rages on in Asteroid M Wolverine removes Magneto's helmet and taking the Chance, Charles psychicall attacks Magneto, having tried to reason with him earlier only to get the most savage reply yet.

And as the psychic attack rages on, Cyclops stops it, because gold team needs more time, and then all hell breaks loose as Magneto puts the helmet on Charles to prevent any psychic attacks from him, and locks all the other combatants in with metal.

Even rogue and Sunspot, who it seems will be the first to turn back as a pissed off Jubilee just keeps blasting him as he Apologizes.

And as Magneto charges up for a final attack, he gets stabbed by Wolverine... The bravest are always the first to die.

Magneto reflects the Sentiment back to him as he thanks Wolverine for finally putting an end to their feud which has been going on for quite a while.

He can control Wolverine's Skeleton because it's metal but still has a begrudging respect for him and so doesn't take it too far and Wolverine hates Magneto because he can control him but still has a begrudging respect for him as well.

But it seems this was it, this was the last straw, and Magneto recreates the craziest comic book moment ever, as he separates the Adamantium from Wolverine's Skeleton.

Magneto rips the Adamantium from Wolverine's Skeleton.

Now appart from being the coldest moment in all of X men history, this was the point at which in the comics it was first introduced that Wolverine does indeed have bone claws as well, and the claws aren't a part of the Adamantium grafting.

And, this is what directly lead to Professor X completely wiping out Magneto, leaving him Catatonic and in the process also absorbing the darkest parts of his psyche leading to the creation of Onslaught.

Which also closely connects to Avengers v X-Men, and it would seem, that this is the direction that this show is headed, as they have teased through out the season, with the presence of Captain America, and Spiderman, and omega red and what not.

And I'll just say, it's going to be awesome.


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