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Okay, She-Hulk has won me back.

So this episode begins with the aftermath of the previous episode, and we learn that titania is a superpowered "influencer" why am I not surprised.

So now as a result, She hulk has a party thrown in her favor and she is semi enjoying it, doesn't like her name, but then she gets fired, for doing the right thing, because her saving the Jury lead to the trial being classified as a mistrial, so... I am happy now that the show did call her out on her arrogance for assuming that she knows better than Bruce just because she can control her anger, perfection. I mean I am sad for Jennifer, cause I genuinely do like her, I am just happy that the show addressed something I had an issue with.

And then we get a montage of her being rejected from multiple law firms because they just don't want the baggage.

And when the show was already gained my liking, it throws in the family dinner scene, and I love it, because, it shows and doesn't tell all her problems, eg, her mother giving her number away to strangers for setting her up. sibling comparisons, and an awesome hero of a dad, love that man, get yourself a dad who takes you away from an awkward family situation by the excuse of having some work for you only to ask you how you are.

He and Nikki are the best, I love them.

You know what marvel you did a good job showing us her problems and not telling us them, do this please, don't tell us she is good at controlling her anger, show it, or at least, don't tell us, literally the fucking opposite.

But now, the real meat, so Jennifer has to be a lawyer right, because the show is named not just she hulk, but it's named she hulk attorney at law. And so the law firm that got her fired by having her last trial declared a mis-trial for her saving the jury, hires her because they are impressed by her being able to beat their company's lawyer and so they want her on their side, way to show good sportsmanship,

Okay but they want she-Hulk not Jennifer, wow... talk about awkward, and who is her first client you ask? Well who other than the man who tried to kill her cousin a Zen Emil Blonski, yes you heard right, he is Zen now.

And he chooses to stay as Blonski and not as the Abomination, man this comedy was awesome most of it is from the juxtaposition between Blonski now and what we expected leading up to him, like with the amount of security he has got, you might think he is a bomb or something, and its warranted, seeing that he trashed half of Harlem.

So not only does the lead up make sense, his current state does too, cause really, at the end of the day he is just a war veteran who was sent by the government to take out a threat, and the stuff they gave him, made him like this, of course he took it, cause this was based on captain America's super soldier serum, why would he want to be like him? And so now, he just wants to move on. Ahem, guess that fight in Shang chi was hoax then, but don't you worry that does come back.

And also, coming back to that, the threat he was fighting is now a celebrated hero, and the government official? He got promoted, wow Marvel, look at you giving smart commentary on the state of war veterans, say what marvel, whenever you do commentary on something political, do it like this, and don't shove it in our face please, thanks.

So Jennifer does some research and also I believe she relates to Blonski, seeing that he too was reprimanded for doing the right thing, like her. And then one thing remains, to call her cousin and ask him if it's okay, and he is pretty mature about it, problem solved! And wait... the camera is panning out,

ohhhh... he is on a Sakkaran space ship! World War Hulk Baby!

Also, can we like, get the leader back too please thanks. we ain't seen him since that incredible hulk movie you all forgot about.

And then the thing I talked about earlier, i.e. The Abomination fighting Wong for money in an underground illegal fighting ring comes back, and so now we know that she hulk is taking place around the time of Shang chi, cause if the footage is coming out now, this must have happened within 24 hours, so that thing that Wong was talking about in the trailers, could be tied to Shang Chi.... okay... so wait, will we get a follow up on the Rings? Will Shang Chi Cameo? So many possibilities, man am I jealous of those who got pre screeners for the first four episodes.

Also, yeah, I chose this frame because the reporter looks weird with her eyes half closed, I am absurdist, these things give me a chuckle.

And also the post credit scenes are awesome, they don't add much but I think they are comedic enough to make up for that, hopefully they aren't all comedic, cause eventually we will expect something bigger, we are marvel fans still, also, since those who got pre-screeners only got like the first four episodes, I believe that the number is specific, like in moon knight, that was the number of episodes it took to get to ep 5, the real banger, so, I am thinking till four the post credits and everything else are gonna be very comedic, then stuff gets serious, please prove me right, or prove me wrong and do so good a job that I don't care.

Till then, we can look at she hulk carrying large water bottles for her dad, which once again, cause I am absurdist, gives me a chuckle, like she is a superhero and lawyer and all, and yet, nothing can give her a break from family life, perfection.


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