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Percy Jackson and the Olympians Episode 8, Could we have wished for a better Ending?

Poseidon Catches Zeus's bolt

The answer is yes and no.

Let's put it this way the ending perfectly encapsulates what the general feel and tone of a Percy Jackson Show should be, this is what the movie should have been but wasn't.

It perfectly shows what the main problem of the Gods is, and why Kronos's rise to power was so easy, Zeus knows that his war will lead to the mutual weakening of both himself and Poseidon and that that is exactly what Kronos wants, and yet he is too prideful to step aside and prioritize the bigger issue.

Even after Poseidon's surrender, he puts his victory first, someone make this man take a chill pill.

Ares shows his true immortal form

I like how they finally kept the immortal form rule and also the implication that Ares was just as manipulated as the other Demigods who turned on the Olympians.

I would still have preferred his sunglasses and flaming eyes look though.

The gods are represented perfectly, they are pieces of shits, who know they are pieces of shits, dealing with other pieces of shits, at least Zeus is.

Bro commits every sin in the bin and then turns around and punishes others for it.

Unlike the movie version who was a Sean Bean that didn't even die, the one thing he is known to do.(No offense to Sean Bean, he's a great actor.)

Sean Bean as Zeus that didn't die.

And here in lies the issue.

Every single aspect of the show is being judged in comparison to a previously existing adaptation, which in all fairness didn't do a great job of adapting anything, it just fucked the whole thing over.

And that is what lingers in my mind, if it weren't for this movie, would this show still look as good to me?

And the answer has to be a no.

Look the show is still great don't get me wrong, but there is a lot that leaves me wanting, for example.

The very first fury fight, in the books it was an epic fight where Percy fought the fury tooth and nail with riptide(his sword) and defeated her, in the episode it was just him accidentally doing it.

The lotus casino scene, where the lotus flower was introduced for no reason, etc. etc.

Don't get me wrong I think this would have still been a great show, the way it taps into the core Percy Jackson is unparalleled in my opinion, but I can't help but feel that the movie did prop it up or randomly hold it back in some ways.

I also feel certain decisions just simply wouldn't have flown by if not for the movie, (LIKE THE FUCKING LOTUS FLOWER!)

I can't eat the lotus flowers Augustus.

But whatever, I'm happy this show happened, and it gives me great hope for the Harry Potter show moving forwards.

And in all seriousness the greatest thing that ever happened on planet


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