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The Bad Batch episode 4, a child's innocence surviving in a War

Omega doesn't want to hurt anybody while Crosshair wants to shoot everyone.

So now that Omega and Crosshair are out of the prison on Tantiss, they should just go to the bad batch shouldn't they? Well, things are never that easy and this my friends is why I like the animated parts of star wars so much, most people would again dismiss this episode as filler, but it is not.

Let me explain, this episode sets up two things that will potentially be useful later. One is of course Omega's insistent childlike innocence/outlook on the entirety of this war which has now tempered with some amount of skepticism become more of a nonviolent approach towards situations, where as Cross hair is more quicker to the trigger(get it? cause he's the sniper?)

There is an argument to be had on whether Crosshair's way would have saved them a lot of time and effort since it got down to a gunfight anyways, and the answer is yes it would have, and in certain situations one does need to take the quick way.

But remember taking the fast/easy/violent way is why the empire was created

Mace windu says he's too dangerous to be left alive, yes I know what that sentence reads like, it's intentional.

Oh dear Macey, if only you had been a little more like the Jedi you claim to be... Goddamn Omega is more representative of the Jedi Ideal than you ever were.

And while we are on that topic it is Omega's way that got Crosshair out of prison in the first place didn't it? Like Crosshair said it himself, if it were him, he would have left Omega behind.

And it seems Omega's idealism is what is going to bring the team back together, and they need to be for the final stand off, whatever/whenever that is.

But I like that the episode doesn't shy away from poking holes in Omega's ideology because yes, this is wartime, everyone is out for themselves, and at every chance people will try to eat you up.

Like the General. who lost fair and square and while appearing initially to be accepting gracefully of his defeat, he just uses it as a switch around to play the long game and lay a trap for them, and Omega's idealism is what gets them caught in it, and makes them cut close on their credits as well.

say hello to the sleaziest empire general ever

And my god this general looks like molten clay made into a man. Perfect for a sleazy guy like him.

And so finally yes, this ends up in a stand off, and it will be interesting to see where this goes moving forwards, but as of now that is all there is to say.

Hunter and wrecker staring angrily(more like suspicious tension actually)  at Crosshair


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