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The Bad Batch season 3 Episode 5 Bouncing back from betrayal.

Hunter confronts Crosshair

Episode 4 left us with the team reunited and back together and we were left wondering, so what now? People don't just come back from a betrayal like Crosshair's and wrecker is right, there always is a Giant worm.

And here the Giant worm plays a very significant role, in the face of atrocity people are forced to work together, and that is exactly what happens in this episode.

This episode begins in a very particular way and it is very deliberate as we are yet again reminded that Crosshair is traumatized in both mind and body as his hand shakes making him unable to have an accuracy of more than 53% which as Zee points out is way below his average.

And at this point he has none of the advantages and all of the disadvantages of being a sniper, as he can't shoot well but can tell that his old squad don't trust him at all.

Crosshair resents his shaking hand and his ptsd

But then again he is their only and best source of intel on Tantiss currently, well him and Nala Sey's data pad.

But that is encrypted.

And how do they break the encryption on it? why of course they go to the base where Crosshair killed the imperial officer sealing his fate.

I believe it is clear that crosshair does have ulterior motives for coming to this planet while also genuinely wanting to help.

If you count paying final respects to your dead comrades as ulterior motives.

Crosshair pays his final respects to the dead clones at the abandoned imperial compound

Hunter is obviously deeply untrustworthy of crosshair at first but is quickly forced to rely on him as the wyrm attacks.

and the episode has a beautiful ending as Hunter recognizes Crosshair's betrayal as just his love/dedication for his job, it is as he said, none of us knew what was going on back then.

And while the being a good soldier thing was a good brainwash tactic for the other clones, Crosshair also had the same motivations, just free of the chip, as it is of course possible.

Cross hair and hunter looking at the reactivated sensor in relief as the Wyrm retreats

And so the episode ends, beautifully with the team back together but with a lot of healing left for Crosshair to do.


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