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The First Two Episodes of Kenobi

It would seem that I have indeed been an idiot and Let the first four Episodes of this Amazing Series slide by before I even Had the Idea to maybe Just make all my reviews a Blog Post, Yeah well what can be done?

So, Here is my best attempt at Reviewing the first Episodes in the space of one, as they were released together, as comprehensively as I can to the best of my abilities.


EPISODE 1: Chapter 1

I Was almost zoning out for the first half, but as the episode went on, I realized that, that was the point, The Episode was trying to convey how life for obi-wan has become, monotonous, tedious and boring, he too has zoned out.

However the episode doesn’t begin with Obi-wan, it begins with two things.

First a flashback to the prequels, to every important event on how we got here, ending obviously with the climactic duel between Anakin and Obi-wan from revenge of the Sith.

Now, some might call this nostalgia baiting, but that’s not what I felt, for me, this did two things, one it got me up to speed, as to what has happened and secondly it gave me a direct indication of what this show will address, Anakin/Vader and Obi-Wan’s relationship.

Following that we get yet another retelling of order sixty six, now while this scene reminded us of what the horrors were of the order, this put together with the retelling from clone wars season seven, jedi fallen order, the bad batch, and the book of boba fett, I would say, its getting officially close to too many territory, we have seen it, we get it. Obviously, it was inevitable that, this be addressed seeing the main theme of the show, but still, I believe this should have been a brief flash back, and not an entire scene.

We then immediately cut to Tatooine where an inquisitor ship lands, now this is the only place where I can justify the previous scene, cause this immediate cut from Jedi killing to this, signals to us who these people are which for those who keep up with only live action(Which is a disturbingly high number) might be difficult, these are jedi killers/ hunters.

The inquisitors.

They enter a saloon in search of a Jedi, and this awesome line from the trailers is uttered.

0:37 :The Key, to hunting Jedi, is Patience. Jedi cannot help what they are. Their compassion leaves a trail. The Jedi code is like an itch. He cannot help it!

And sure enough torturing the innocent people of the saloon gets the Jedi to reveal himself to them.

They chase the Jedi, and the third sister, Reva is introduced as the main antagonist, and her intention to catch Kenobi is revealed.

This section does one more thing apart from establish the villains, the themes and the stakes, it gets us hyped up, so when we go to the dreary monotonous part next, we are thinking, when will we get to what we just saw? So when it comes, its that much more exciting, this is all very intentional.

There’s not much to talk about in the next part where we are introduced to Obi- wan’s everyday life, except, he works at a sort of meat work shop, where everyday he steals a bit to feed to his Eopie, and has a working relationship with a Jawa named Teeka, who sells him his own stuff making it clear he is struggling to make ends meet.

The scene with the Jawa plays another role, which is conveyed later in this conversation between Owen Lars and Kenobi, this was a toy he intended to give to Luke, a republic star-ship model toy. And he keeps a constant watch on Luke from a distance, and it is also revealed in this conversation as to why he isn’t more involved.

After this we see the inquisitors arrive for the Jedi from the beginning of the episode, and Reva threatens Both Owen and his family if information isn’t revealed, thankfully he is saved by another inquisitor as he believes Reva goes too far, this is an idea that is reinforced multiple times, that Reva goes too far, and in doing so, it is made clear that even amongst these inquisitors, who we have seen do multiple horrible things in Rebels and Jedi Fallen order, she is ruthless and will go the extra mile.

We meet Leia, who is introduced very well in this scene to be a mischievous girl as she tries to avoid going to this event as all kids do, and also to have a droid companion which has become a staple for star wars at this point and she already speaks much like the adult version of herself, and is quite mature for her age, as she easily outwits her older cousin, in rhetoric, the relationship between bail and Leia is fleshed out and really wholesome, and so… the inciting incident happens, she is kidnapped by this cheeky wanker, and it is revealed that Reva planned this out as she knew bail and Kenobi were close, and this would pull him out of hiding.

The episode ends with Bail calling out to Obi wan, him taking out his buried lightsabers, him and anakins, and him leaving the world.

Episode 2: Chapter 2


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