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The Mandalorian: I know what will happen if Star Wars stays under poor leadership.

Now, for those among you that haven't read my previous article, or have forgotten about it, I did carer suicide and decided to cover the sequels vs prequels and originals debate on this website, yes I know, crazy.

But I do feel genuinely that as a whole star wars under Disney isn't as bad as we think it is, at least now, its just that there were a few places where they really shouldn't have gone wrong there, the rest is average or even great I'd say.

I saw Mandalorian season 3 episode 1(yet to watch episode 2), and yeah, not the greatest, but for someone who has been following star wars for as long, I know it is implying something awesome and that gets me excited, but online, I see people, who otherwise should have been frothing at the mouth for some awesome awesome content, dismiss this, because they have simply given up on research, and I don't blame them.

I'll admit, my first reaction was, mate, you see them space whales? Do you even know what that could mean for the future? (please no more sequel trilogy.)

But again, people aren't willing to give setups a chance, because they have been burnt in the past *cough* Finn *cough* Stormtroopers who aren't cannon fodder *cough* and I don't blame them, like sure such a set up has been done in animation and that was awesome, but one has to understand, animation is not something everyone sees!

Similarly, take Andor, many people found it boring and what not, I found it to be Les Miserables in space, and I don't blame these people either because this is an acquired taste and why should they take the extra steps to acquire it for something that hasn't taken any steps to please them so far?

So what does this mean? What happens when fans aren't willing to take any steps to understand the main creators of an IP? What happens, is Assassin's creed Valhalla.

Wait, where did that come from?

Well let me prime you guys, Assassin's creed is a franchise that many people grew up with, has a trilogy that every og fan holds up as the gold standard(Ezio trilogy) a trilogy that many hated at the time but now have grown to love(the Kenway saga) a period where wtf was happening? (Lead up to origins) and a final trilogy that began with a bang, and then lead to one of the most divisive games followed by the Rise of Sky... uh Assassin's creed Valhalla.

It's amazing when you compare these two franchises on how similar they were. And how similar their fanbases subsequently act, but here is the thing, the Assassin's creed fanbase has reached an even further stage, I think looking at the franchise, we can see a future that truly is grim.

So what happened? Well, like I said, Valhalla was the Rise of Skywalker of Assassin's creed, an attempt to bring together, both the RPG fans and the og fans, when it came out, it was awesome with some glaring flaws, then DLC happened, and everyone unanimously agreed that was the scourge of the Earth, even though some good things happened in there (like the return of Black Box missions)

Even the good was picked to death like it was some rotting corpse being eaten by Vultures, and since then what has happened? Many prominent Assassin's Creed influencers have left the Frey, Case in point the Four Pillars(Fizhy, Lazerzz, Long Eared Fox and Tynamite for those interested.) And once again, I don't blame them.

The Fanbase of Assassin's Creed is Dying and the Franchise as a whole is reaching a point where soon everyone is going to treat it as the biggest Joke, and the once big voices in the Fandom who could tell them otherwise, couldn't care less, they have moved on.

Assassin's Creed now needs an awesome straight Banger to make a come back, and that can't happen under the kind of leadership that killed it, because this isn't a normal death, its a special kind of Death that happens under a leadership who cares for something only as a Cash Cow, "Yeah guys, we aren't going to do Stealth focused games because we did Unity and that didn't work out, yeah guys that has nothing to do with the fact that we rushed the game and it came out buggier than rotten piece of meat that's been left there for years and with a story that tasted more under cooked than G.C.Nightwalker's Pasta."(G.C.Nightwalker is me, the author, if your lizard brain missed that)

A similar statement for Star Wars would be, "We won't focus on og and Sequel trilogy Characters cause Kenobi didn't work out." HEY GUYS! HAVE YOU TRIED THIS NEW THING? ITS... ITS CALLED WRITING! CHECK IT OUT IT REALLY WORKS!

I swear to god the whole Reva thing felt like Bad Fanfiction, "Oh Yeah, Luke Skywalker saved the Galaxy? Well my OC(Original Character) saved Luke Skywalker AND survived Darth Vader AND survived order 66 AND knows who Vader is. Isn't she awesome guys?" No Timmy, she isn't awesome; but she could have been *cough* second Sister *cough*

See if the leadership at Star Wars doesn't change, they are going to keep making brain dead, money related decisions, they are going to come out with something that is true to Star Wars and internet being the internet(also the fact that many at that point will have been burnt by bad decision making and will therefore make bad faith criticisms) will pick it apart, the biggest voices will either have left the space or will make bad faith critiques themselves, cause they are human too, they too get burnt by shit decision making. And these money Hungry decision makers will look at this and go, Hmm, is this, is this something we should not do?

Recovery Periods are hard man, and we need good leaders who understand that not every right move is going to pay off immediately, case in point, look at Transformers, Bumblebee was great, but people didn't go see it, cause they had been burnt to the ground by Michael Bay, and now, they didn't have the awesome robot action to see either, but you know what, they kept their way, Rise of the beasts has a little more action and has BEASTS in the title, fuckin hell, but if you see the trailer it looks much closer to Bumblebee than to Bayformers, a poorer decision maker would have gone back to Bayformers one hundred percent, cause what worked before should work now, Right? Yeah that's not how creativity and entertainment works. This isn't a shoe business'.

Do better Lucas film, a Toy company made better decisions than you. The leadership at Lucas film needs to change, or Star Wars fans have a truly grim future ahead of us, and I don't know if I want to place the full blame on Kathleen Kennedy, case in point, look at Marvel, the phase 4 has been a huge quality dip, and I don't think Kevin Feige is to blame for that, what's to blame is the Bob Paycheck decision making that made Marvel into a content pumping machine, and increased the projects ten fold making Kevin unable to give his personal touch to every project like he used to.

Maybe that's the same with Lucas film, sure Kathleen started under Bob Iger, but what I mean is not that the CEO was bad, maybe Kathleen genuinely was dealt a bad hand, like Kevin was, the reason is unimportant, maybe it was the CEO, maybe the company maybe the workers, the fans who knows, I don't want to get into it, cause there are minefields even I like to avoid, but something has to change.

See, you know what else came out during the Payche... uh Chapek era? Mandalorian, and that shit was awesome, you know who made that, Dave Feloni, a trusted of George Lucas and John Favreau, without whom we wouldn't have Iron Man, cause he directed that too it you don't know, these two made something that brought joy to all Star Wars fans in a situation that made Kevin Feige stumble.

Look I am not saying these two need to replace Kathleen, because even when they were working, that too was under the leadership of Kathleen Kennedy, maybe their Trio works the best, I don't know. But I keep my word, something in the Leadership has to change.


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