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The true Dark Side of the Rebellion, an Andor Episode 6 Review

Hey kids, do you want to see a sick child and his helpless mother held at gun point while the elderly father dies of exhaustion, literally? Well this is what our brave rebels will do in todays new episode, isn't this so great?

Sorry I had to put that joke in. But whenever me and many like me have tried to criticize the newer star wars we have had many half backed, shit arguments thrown at as, one of them was always, Star Wars is for kids. Well, there you go, enjoy kids.

And sure, there is an argument to be made that much of star wars is kid friendly, that's not the same as it's for kids, it simply means you can watch it with your kids. And then these same people call Andor as "this is for adults man." No... there have been moments which you can point to as being highly appealing to an adult audience, this is the first time it is Adult exclusive, meaning a kid wont enjoy this(I am not talking about its rating okay, simply about what demographics this show is targeting).

Anyways now that that rant is aside, what does the pun in the title mean? Well obviously there is what I wrote in the beginning, in order to do this job, the rebels hold an entire family at gun point, kill an imperial officer in front of a kid, and make a sick father work to exhaustion and possible death, and the show goes out of its way to introduce the family before hand, to make us feel the true horrific nature of what is happening.

Maybe the kid or the mother will play a role in the upcoming episodes, who knows, the father is almost definitely out of the picture, although we can't be sure of his death.

There is also the moment when on of the team, Skeen, the one who pulled a knife on Cassian last episode, just straight up asks Andor to abscond with the credits, and makes it clear he is only asking him so that he can fly and then Andor just shoots him, okay... Disney, we get that, that's what we saw him do in the beginning of Rogue one, please don't make him just some trigger happy guy who shoots random people... but then again, if we think about the scene, where else could they have gone really.

Another thing this show did that could have been a massive win for me is, Taramyn, he is an ex stormtrooper, and after what happened to Finn, I was like, yeah! let's go, a lot of subtext in this episode goes to show how the empire is it's own enemy, how they have become too complacent to the point of neglect and too proud for their own good, and Tamaryn and Lieutenant Gorn could have really expanded on that side of the story, but no, Gorn is dead and so is Tamaryn... what a shame, I get that you had to show casualties, but like... couldn't Skeen have taken the place of Tamaryn? No? You wanted Andor to shoot someone? I see.

I don't want to be unfair here, Skeen being alive did lead to another revelation about the Rebellion's dark side, especially how many Rebels had to work with thieves and enemies of the state (enemy of the enemy is my friend right?) except sometimes your enemy and you can have common enemies too.

And also is Nemik a force sensitive? Like I was definitely getting the vibe from him, he is dead too, but I feel that if my suspiscion is true then, that can explain that there is more to Nemik handing Cassian his notes than simply seeing an older brother.

Also, the eye was awesome, in more ways than one, there is of course the visual spectacle of it all, but also the show goes all in on its parallels with indigenous cultures being subdued by an occupying force, and it does it extremely well.

I am curious though, where will the show go now? Like I wouldn't have been if it were a standalone thing, but we have the context of Andor being an integral part of the Rebellion by Rogue One, also I was hoping to see Karn, but like if you think about it, how would he know where Cassian is.

Tell you one thing though, it seems Dedra's suspicions will be taken much more seriously now, and it seems this is when she will begin to mount a full scale assault on whatever the Rebel alliance is at the moment, will be interesting to see.

Also did anyone realize, by this time, we would have reached the bloody finale in most Disney plus shows, but this time we have six more weeks to go, see how amazing giving shows time to breathe is Disney? Let this be an example please, and do more of this going forwards.


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