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A genius move or something that should have happened long ago? She-Hulk Episode 8 Review

Yes bois, this is the episode, The man without fear is hear, and it is just as glorious as we thought! While also being in tone with the show, while also being accurate to Daredevil as a character.

Now, I want to get to something, In my episode 6 review, and in my episode 1 review, If those were the only reviews of mine you read, a low chance of that, seeing the bloody view count, but regardless, you imaginary person, if you did as stated above, then, I would not blame you for thinking that I think this show is "too woke" or something... like, a lot of my opinions do line with that crowd... well then allow me to relieve you of that opinion.

I think those people are bunch of phoneys, now, hold up. Am I saying they are a bunch of liars who just make hate filled content on the latest obsession of the internet just to garner views? Yes, Yes I am, but am I saying they don't get anything right. Well even a broken clock is right twice, so lets check how many they got right.

The best lies are more often than not based in truth, now in order to explain this, I must go back to 2015 when star wars episode seven a new ho.... I mean the force awakens came out, Yes we are going to talk about Rey! Lightning strikes, now as a person, Rey seemed like a nice enough woman to be around, and she had many traits that are likable, but then there is the fact that, she has no flaws... and she really doesn't she is perfect in every way, and that was often touted by some supporters of the sequels to be a good thing, for women.

Yeah guys women can be flawless, what a totally original and not at all forced message, but these "anti-woke" guys, completely threw out the part about Rey being an okay person personality wise and focused solely on "Rey is a Mary Sue!" Which... yeah she is... and the sequels got their fair share of flack for that.

And also, there was Admiral Holdo, who I do not like, its fair if you do, but I don't but the problem with her was that she was arrogant or at least acted like it, and then the movie rewarded her for it... but these guys turned that into some ultra woke feminist rhetoric straw man, just so they could hate on it... of course they did.

And so, since then, this has been their agenda, every time a woman or a minority is stronger than average they immediately assume that this is going to be another "Mary Sue" Case and just ignore any evidence to the contrary, and every time the above demographics are arrogant about their abilities or status, that's ultra woke rhetoric.

And one might ask why they do this, and while many of you already know the answer, "Views" There is also the possibilities that their lenses have been colored, meaning, the first time they witnessed something of this sort and came across this anti woke rhetoric, they were so affected by it that they started looking at the world with that in their minds at all times.

Now, I will say, the only times I can count these anti woke idiots to be even remotely correct is with Rey(remotely) and the new Charlie's Angels movie, and that's actually it, and two movies is no where near a trend, that's just two movies that have vaguely the same issue.

Just because a character is too powerful when compared to the average, doesn't mean they are Mary Sue, is superman Mary Sue. And just because a female or minority character is arrogant for eg Galadriel from the new rings of power show, which the reason for me not reviewing it escapes me, but anyways, just because she is arrogant in her judgement sometimes, doesn't mean its a problem for the show if her bad behavior results in consequences like her team abandoning her or her getting locked up for treason, How can people miss that and still call her a Mary Sue, wtf...

And so, we get back to the beginning of the show, She Hulk, I'll admit, I wasn't in the best of my mind when I watched it, just the day before some traumatic event in my past had been brought up, and when I saw the first episode, I... was a little worried, because it often leaned too close to making Jennifer's Arrogance justified, Just cause she is a woman... too close for comfort, but there were inklings that gave me hope, like, The Hulk was obviously holding back, and her arrogance could eventually become a character flaw, which it did, the very next episode in fact, and since then, literally everything Bruce has said to Jennifer about being a Hulk has turned out to be a hundred percent true.

Including, the fact about Anger control, how the slightest temper tantrum can make her look like a monster, because that's how this episode ended.

And to be clear, I am not sayin I enjoy her being seen as a monster, far from it, but when we have already seen another person in the same situation be treated as such, it would seem unfair for Jennifer to be treated different, also, the Hulk is experienced so obviously he knows more than her, The reason Jennifer can control her transformation is not because she can control her anger due to her constantly having to deal with cat callers, she can, because as the Hulk said, Genetics, And also the Hulk has Dissociative Identity Disorder in the comics, and him Hulking out is more often than not, his other personality taking over, but who knows if the MCU will go that way, perhaps they will, seeing the success of Moon Knight.

And this also, brings me to my episode six article, in which, some might interpret that as me saying the show is not great, but actually, what I am saying is it's not great to review, the show as a comedy, is well and good, there's just, not much that happens in terms of the bigger narrative, which is fine, just very hard to review, cause then you sound like a broken record, you just keep saying this is funny and that is funny, like Friends, great show, love it, Imagine reviewing it episode by episode, you can, you'll just get very tired and burnt out very quickly.

Also She-Hulk is kinda poorly timed, at a time when people are craving the grand narrative of the MCU, you put in a show, mostly about She-Hulk talking about her dating issues, it's, not the best choice, obviously I am oversimplifying, but you get the issue, and that would have been fine, had the show been a laugh out loud comedy, it's not, it is funny, but that's the bare minimum for a comedy.

There is also very little connective tissue from one episode to the next, which is what makes me think, should this episode have been like episode three or two? because, not only is this exciting, this has the most connective tissue to the first episode, and guys... you kinda put Daredevil in the marketing, you have to Deliver.

Or is it a Genius move, cause it the last two episodes are great and what was promised, comes here, then you are left with a good after taste and end up liking the show better, but I don't know, I don't think we would have felt as bad about the show if, one the first two episodes were connected and two, if we didn't spend every episode peeling our eyes for Daredevil, Idk man, I just hope that Intelligencia is delivered on properly, I mean, we know the leader is coming, so is M.O.D.O.K. and so it only makes sense that they just wouldn't throw this word around, or make it a show villain just to turn it into a bunch of incels, don't do that Marvel, worse than teasing Daredevil in episode five and then him not appearing till, eight.

Also some people might take issue with the ending, because of a certain word, but I can see it will ultimately play in the shows favor, Generating buzz out of controversy, and also, the Dark moment is in stark juxtaposition to the show itself, and that makes it hit harder than usual. So we will see I guess, FYI, I don't think The Leader is going to show up, maybe like a tease in a post credit scene, but we will see.

Oh also Red Hulk is teased.


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