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Acolyte Season 1 Episode 6, Teach/Corrupt which is which?

Shirtless Qimir.

Teaching is often seen as a passing of the torch and/or information/knowledge from one generation on to the next, this is often done with the soul purpose/agenda to make it so those who come after us are actually able to continue our legacy, survive in society, and often surpass us.

However, when this same teaching is done with an ulterior motive, often the motive of some form of self gain and involves passing on selective or wrong information to another it is called something else, it is called corruption.

However, what is wrong information and what is truly needed for a generation to keep the legacy alive is often a matter of subjective opinion, even the order of information matters, cause often, a truth revealed too soon or too late can lead to different unintended or intended consequences.

it is because of this above fact that in two opposing sides of a conflict one sees their own way of teaching as the "true" way and the opposite as corruption, of course there are a few objective ways one can gauge whether something is teaching or corruption, the point is that it is often difficult, especially when ideologies are involved.

Master Sol Sends a Distress Message Semi-Successfully

Now this uncertainty on which is which is what is brought attention to in this episode of the Acolyte.

Now I did realize that a lot of Star Wars had some religious undertones and inspiration, what I did no realize was that many took it as a substitute for their religion, and with that knowledge, Star Wars place in the culture war does make sense, some consider the Jedi as gospel and others criticize it, thing is of course, the Jedi were never paragons of perfection that some think them to be, eve under George Lucas.

And this fight between whether a criticism of the Jedi is in good faith or in bad is a parallel to the confusion between teach and corrupt that this episode highlights.

There are of course the two sides, one being Qimir, with Osha who is possibly trying to make her the new apprentice now that he has lost Mae, and Sol, who is so entangled in his emotions that he takes a good while to notice that it isn't Osha but Mae with him.

Contrary to how it should be, the Jedi is super emotional and distraught and the "Sith" is at peace. The Sith is being honest and the Jedi locks someone in place telling her that she will listen.

Now there is an obvious problem here, with when Qimir welds together his helmet, because Cortosis is supposed to absorb all energies so a welding torch wouldn't work... but that's a minor nitpick in my opinion.

Vernestra Rwon learns that there might be a third party Audit of the Jedi order.

Now in the meantime, Vernestra Rwoh leads a small team to search the Khofar mission sight after receiving a distress message from Master Sol upon having lost his entire team.

And going there, we learn something very interesting, part of it is of course very obvious, the Jedi assistant that received the message believes that the Team died because of the uncharted environment of Khofar, and also some comedy about Vernestra having spaceship sickness.

But we also see that the Jedi believe that it is Master Sol that has fallen, and the way Master Rwon phrases her sentences, makes me believe that she at least wants to go in that direction, whether she believes it or not.

And that is to be expected, as she orchestrated this cover up and during this time another Ambitious Senator called Senator Ryancourt, who no joke, I thought was called Senator Rancor, has convinced many in the Senate to vote for a third party Audit of the Jedi Order. If that happens, Sol is a good fall guy.

Something to tip the scales

Vernestra also repeats her earlier line of "something to tip the scales" as if she is remembering something that was previously told to her by say an old Apprentice?

I say that because, Qimir has a very suspicious Scar on his back that looks like it has been made by a lightsaber whip, something that Vernestra Rwoh carries instead of a standard Lightsaber.

And that would certainly be an interesting way for this show to go.

And this episode ends with Osha putting on the helmet obviously hinting at her possible turn to the Dark Side, and I gotta say, I wish Qimir isn't a Sith because then he would have to die, and it would be sad to loose and interesting character like him.

It is much more interesting for him to be a Knight of Ren or a proto-Knight of Ren, especially because of the Whole "I want to be free" thing which is more of a Knight of Ren thing, who want freedom from both the Jedi and the Sith, and follow the sword carrier, or the "Ren".

And based on Qimir saying he was a Jedi a long time ago, and him having a lightsaber scar, it seems his journey is paralleling that of Dagan Gera from Jedi Survivor, someone who was betrayed by the order, harmed by a lightsaber, kept in Stasis in a Bacta Tank and then started a separate order called the Bedlam Raiders.

It would be interesting if similar to the Sith, the Knights of Ren also branched from the Jedi Order.

Osha puts on Qimirs Cortosis helmet

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