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The Acolyte Episode 5(Spoilers!) This Could Go either Way.


Now this Episode was a little better than the previous one for the sheer reason that it had more Lightsaber action and was therefore More enjoyable.

Osha in the beginning is just knocked out and coming back to her senses, and comes to see this massive battle that is going on in the not so far off distance.

And this guy is just Demolishing the Jedi as is expected from the Red Force push that threw all of the Jedi away, and from one of the most memed scenes of the Prequel Era.

Palpatine kills 3/4 Jedi masters out to arrest him in the Revenge of the Sith.

Now while in the Above scebe the Jedi look like complete Jackasses for dying so easily, it's actually a slowed own scene and Palpatine is using Force speed to even the odds via reducing the Numbers, kind of like Striking before they have a chance to strik sort of thing.

So Yes, the Sith being Dark side force users have a lot more offensive power and therefore are able to kill Jedi en-masse because they in comparison are far more Docile.

He has this particular way of shorting out others Sabers by using the Material of his Gauntlet and his Helmet.

Now there were some talks of how his helmet and Gauntlets are able to resist lightsaber Strikes but an elbow strike from Jecki destroys it.

And that is a legitimate complaint on the surface, but if you think about it, Lightsabers strike with heat and the Elbow Strike was blunt force.

The main thing though, in this episode, is the fact that the Main Dark Side Master, Darth Teeth, Smilo Ren, whatever one calls him, is actually Qimir and that he accepts to indeed being, a Sith, or sorry, he has no name, but the Jedi may know him as : Sith.

I say it that way because I am sure that someone is going to use that line and say that Technically he isn't a Sith to defend this show as being compatible with the line "The Sith have been extinct for a millennia"

Now, that is straight up inconsistent with the Lore, because the entire point of the Sith Rule of Two was to put the Sith as something other than a Dark Parody of the Jedi, that they would become something else, such as Politicians, Bankers, powerful people and sort of hide in plain sight.

And now I know the defense of, well that was never explicitly stated in Cannon, well it was almost, in the Clone Wars T.V. Show, the episode where Darth Bane comes to speak to Yoda as a Force Echo or something for example came very close.

But regardless, even if it wasn't its very heavily implied that the Sith are in stealth, that they will not accept themselves as Sith, that's why they were thought as "extinct" and apart from that, the fact That George Lucas himself considered something like Books and Shows as lesser Cannon than the Movies and did Routinely contradict it, isn't something one has to like.

Yes, these criticisms are used by certain problematic groups online, but just to distance oneself from these groups, if one goes further and dismisses these arguments then one is no better than these said "grifter" groups, it is as is said, even a Broken clock is right twice.

Or a better way to put it, if a Broken Clock happens to align with a working clock you have and with that knowledge you proceed to call the Time "wrong" just to not appear as if you rely on a Broken clock to tell time, then you are the idiot.

The only way one can sort of Defend this line.

Qimir holds Mae at saber point.

Is by saying that this shows his Arrogance, but the show runners should be careful with that because Arrogance if not backed up can turn Audiences off, i.e. if he is so Arrogant/confident that past this point he will successfully kill Master Sol and all the Jedi, then make sure he is correct.

And Guess what, he is not.

He get's carried away by moths, now, some might find this a little Dumb, given that Master Sol was so easily able to Kill one of them in just the previous episode, I myself had to do a double take when I saw that this is the way this episode is going, when Osha puts her Droid pip on Qimir to attract the Moths.

But I guess one can Argue that they were many in number and all it really did was distract him for a bit, because yes, by the end of the episode he does survive killing them all, but then following that why does he stroll to Osha, but he presumes Mae's body to heal her, why not immediately go and kill Master Sol?

Does he presume they can't escape the forest? Has he given up?

It is as Master Sol said:

And no, the hyper Emo answer he gives is not at all Satisfying, I mean yes, the Sith are meant to be emotional, or guided by their emotions, it's literally written in their Doctrine:

Peace is a lie, there is only passion,

Through passion, I gain strength.

Through strength, I gain power,

Through power, I gain victory,

Through victory, my chains are broken,

The Force shall free me.

I mean it is precisely because of the first line of their Doctrine: Peace is a Lie, that many thought that Qimir was the secret Sith Lord in the Show.

But like, Come on, You're telling me that even one of them was this idiotic and managed to remain hidden for what was it again Ki-Adi?

Ki-Adi Mundi says: Impossible, The Sith have been extinct for a Millenium.


And all this talk about Qimir saying he wants to be free, seems like something a Sith would say but it is also very reminiscent of the whole behind the scenes Agenda of this show saying that the Jedi Kind of held a monopoly on the force and didn't let others use it.

And there is some mention of how Qimir has the power to just enter someone's mind and not leave, kind of like the Witches did, and given that Mother Koril is the only unaccounted for witch, many seem to think that Qimir is the apprentice and his master is Koril or at least that he has some training from her.

And also, if you want to talk about other Force groups not being allowed to exist, why you using the Sith to make this point yo? the cult that asks Anakin to kill younglings to enter it? See I could have gone to other lore where it is clearly seen that evil is like an integral part of the Sith but I didn't I use an in Movie Cannon thing, so now you got nothing.

And also, if anyone says that that was a lot later than this show, then... come on... it's the same teachings that have been passed down, right, why would you do that? Come on?

And also, if you go via what is now considered Disney Cannon. The Sith actually ruled the Galaxy earlier and the Republic and the Jedi came together to sort of get back at their ruthless rule.

It ain't like legends where the Sith were never able to do that, So they are an even bigger threat in Cannon than in Legends, so it is, once again, Disney harming itself... wow.

But kudos to this show where it is due, they are absolutely Ruthless in killing some of the(one would assume.) main-ish Characters off like Jecki and Yord, Like I for sure thought Yord was going to Survive when the Great Sith Lord Smilo Re... I mean, Qimir, was able to straight up wound him and then waited before striking the killing blow.

But, no, he comes back to save Master Sol, and Qimir just snaps his neck.

Qimir breaks Yord's Neck

And good on Yord for using the Guys trick against him by using the Helmet's material and extinguishing the lightsaber.

What is this material btw? And why don't the later Jedi/Sith/Anyone? Use it?

Must be arrogance I guess, or maybe only this guy knew how to make it and the art was lost with him, and that is kind of in line with the rule of two and how it concentrates knowledge to a countable few individuals, and on its own, it is not as much of a problem, but surrounded by all of the other stuff it definitely is.

And then of course, Mae decides to impersonate Osha, for some reason, I guess seeing her master right here and realizing who he is, she has turned again and now wants to kill the Jedi again, I mean isn't she still safer with the Jedi? Idk.

And I guess what some people were calling a quick heel turn is not really, she just saw the surrender as her only way to get to her sister, and now that she did, and she finds her less than favorable to her view, I guess she will kill Sol without a weapon, and that will cement her as the Acolyte.

And Qimir ust decides to go and save Osha, who he currently thinks is Mae, showing perhaps that there is some amount of care he has for her.

And there are a lot of questions going on, Does Sol No Osha is actually, Mae, I mean the question of whether or not they did switch places is already gone, as the Tracker who was supposed to be tracking Mae is now goin after Sol and Mae disguised as Osha.

Qimir heals Osha at the end of the Episode.

But Qimir has to know it is Osha right? Since last he say Mae, her hair was long?

And I guess the explanation for Sol no being able to sense that it isn't Osha is something to do with them being a force Dyad.

And I as well guess that Sol will be killed before he has the chance to report to the Council about the Return of the Sith.

And Ki-Adi didn't technically see the Sith so I guess it skirts close but doesn't actually break lore.

Again, I do feel that were it some years ago, many aspects of this show wouldn't be as hated as they are now, due to some of the changes in discourse around movies in recent years.

But regardless there are some aspects of the show that are weird like there are many points like the Umbramoths taking away Qimir scene where I had to rewind and basically recheck what was going on or take a moment to make sure I was thinking this through before I make snap judgements, which is usually not a good sign as that means that many will come away with the wrong conclusions much more easily and hence dislike the show for it and one can't really blame them since this is Entertainment after all.

Qimir kills Jecki.

And I guess that is what a lot of Modern Hollywood has forgotten, that it needs to be entertaining first an foremost and that is why I began by saying that this episode is better purely due to entertainment value.

And I guess all that is left to see is whether or not Qimir finally gets his Acolyte.And I guess they can, in some way, save this show and the Star Wars Cannon, or what's left of it.


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