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Star Wars the Acolyte: Season 1 Episode 3, so this was supposed to break the lore right?

Master Indara says to the coven that the "appreciate their cooperation"

Now, let's get to the meat of it, there is a rumor on the internet which implies that this episode is the one which literally breaks the Star Wars lore and shatter it into pieces.

I guess a talking point I heard somewhere is, that the force is literally going to be made Female... Which I am kinda here and there on.

Now there is nothing exactly wrong with that... you could say retro-actively make it so the Force is like a female entity, a Goddess or something.

The problem of course, arises... due to the connotation Kathleen Kennedy herself attached to the Term "The Force is Female" because, let's be honest, Star Wars Media and a lot of Modern Media in General, has used being all "progressive" as a Shield, and then to go ahead and call fans Sexist, like paint them with a wide brush, like are some fans Sexist? Absolutely.

But... like lets be honest guys, Rey didn't get good character Development(I can already see some peoples opinions being colored immediately as they read this), and that's Sad, because when she was first introduced as a rough and tumble Scavenger, I along with many others, thought she was going to be a really badass character, and then, it was very obvious that they didn't write the rest of it very well...

And what was told to be the reason for people not liking Rey? Sexism? Which... no... You had a good thing going, you ruined it for the sake of Fan Service and then subverting expectations, which you can do... it's just...

You see how complicated this is going? That's what being a Star Wars fan feels like, like a fucking minefield, and that's what the atmosphere feels like, like you can't properly criticize a show or movie without addressing all this other bullshit.

So yeah... if earlier projects hadn't tried to save their ass by using this defense, the Force could literally be Female, and no one would care.

Now that didn't happen. Other than that the only two other lore breaking moments I can think of is:

Destiny is not decided for you by some anonymous Force.

So a well versed Force user is saying that Destiny is not Decided for you by some anonymous, which if you want to squint at it, you can Technically call a lore break, but it is not.

The Force has a Will, definitely, there are certain things that the Force as an entity wants to happen, however, you can go against the will of the Force, that is in a way the philosophy of the Sith.

To use the Force for your own goals only, to take and Nothing else.

So yes, this is not a Lore break, however if someone is coming at this from the perspective of negativity, they might find it a little off putting, which is their right.

And as well, it is a good mother moment from Mother Aniseya, to tell her child to choose for herself and not depend on some external "force" whether or not that is True is something else.

Now the other thing that is Potentially Lore breaking, is:

And what happens if the Jedi discover how you created them?

So there is an implication that the two Twins were created using the Force, that they had no Father, just like the chosen one, Anakin.

Now, again, that in itself isn't a problem, just that the whole Idea of Anakin being created by the Force is a big deal, Like Darth Plagueis and Palpatine were clearly in the experimental stages of doing this.

Now it is completely possible that a Coven of Force witches were able to do this thing way earlier and then the Knowledge was lost as the Coven was Lost.

But of course thematically that is a mess.

This show isn't going to be kind to the Jedi as far as we know from the Marketing, and for a while I did feel like they were going to Crusaders the Jedi, as in they were going to portray the Jedi as the Crusaders of the medieval periods, the kinds who just attacked other cultures and Religions and wiped them out in the name of their God.

So the Jedi would be shown as people who just want their Force Religion to be the only force religion.

The Coven is lost by the end, and so far it seems to line up with the sequence of events said so far, as in Mae Started a fire, and that Destroyed the Coven's home, except for a few discrepancies like how did the small fire go so far as to burn stone?

Why did Mae suddenly go all evil? Like I know she is going to become the Acolyte and she was already a little off, what with all the holding a random creature in place and what not, but to straight up tell her sis that she will kill her?

Mae tells Osha she will kill her.

Now, it seems there is some force hallucination stuff going on, because Osha tells Mae what did you do? and then Mae tells the same to Osha, it would seem that she is just saying this about her going over to the Jedi, but it is possible that they both thought the other started the fire.

Or it could be the Jedi who are looking for these twins in particular because of course, they seem to be a force Dyad, and apparently there is a rule against Training children in the force, but the Jedi can do it apparently...

So the Jedi also apparently don't take children, which is technically true, the kids are given as tribute willingly, and as well there is an allusion to gifted children, feeling left out.

Sol tells Osha that he went to the Jedi temple to find many other children like him.

Now obviously, the Jedi are not portrayed as evil, they are evil from the point of view of the witches which they obviously feel that way because they have been hunted by the Jedi presumably.

However, it seems, other Force religions existing is not a problem, they just cannot train children, the Jedi can though.

Also there was this thing on the internet where everyone just latched onto how it doesn't make sense that Mae's fire burnt so much that it destroyed the whole place, missing of course the fact that this is a mystery in the style of Roshomon and this is a misdirect.

Roshomon is basically a murder event as seen from multiple points of view and how everyone just wants to prop themselves up and throw others under the bus just because, and there is a point where the Jedi just come to Osha and Mae's rescue, and just those two, like they specifically call for them.

Which... where did they come from?

So there is still a lot to go over, and then there are some people who are just like "this is too vague" which like, why you grasping at Straws man, this is the third episode in a eight episode season, do you seriously expect everything to be revealed here? All in all how this episode is remembered will depend severely on the upcoming episodes.

I do however, think this is a little early for a flashback episode, or maybe they could have made it more clear that this is a particular person retelling these events by having a short present day section where someone is asked about these events and then it cuts to a flashback, that way it is far more clear that what we are seeing may not necessarily be the whole truth, I mean come on, those witches didn't die from the fire, like they had to have been murdered, like the fire hadn't reached that far, they are not burnt, they are all piled up in one place, there is no rubble on them.

Did they die of fumes?

And also it seems very clear that the main reactor whatever that is, was sabotaged.

A lot to look forward to my man, a lot to look forward to...

Dead witches after the fire starts

Also, how does Osha suddenly end up on a hospital bed? I mean she was conscious and running and then bam! unconscious and on a bed, what happened there? is my fumes theory actually true?


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