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The Star Wars Acolyte Trailer has a bit of an issue.

A red lightsaber in the Star Wars Acolyte trailer

Acolyte that show that is based a hundred years before the prequel trilogy and follows a Sith Acolyte as they go around killing Jedi.

Now, it is interesting to see a glimpse of the Republic in what is considered the High Republic Era I guess.

Basically it starts from 500 BBY to 100 BBY where the Jedi were at the peak of their power and the peak of their Arrogance.

The Sith are believed to be vanquished and all but Gone, just like Ki Adi Mundi said, the Sith haven't been seen for Millennia.

And here in lies the problem.

What about the droid attack on the Wookies?

Shut up Ki Adi.

Now while I am sure we all care very much about the Droid attack on the Wookies, there is something else that this man said that is important and that is that the Sith have been extinct for Millennia and we know they haven't been, but the Jedi believed them to be, cause they were in hiding.

And here there is... a red Light Saber... that's a bit of a problem...

Now there are two ways they could deal with this.

Firstly whilst Maul's Lightsaber was red and very clearly Maul was a Dark side user, the doubt still remained as to whether or not he was a Sith Lord.

So they could just be like, that's a Dark Side user but not a Sith.

Or every person that sees the saber dies.

Multiple Jedi attack the Acolyte

And that is definitely possible, but a bit of a stretch, though they could then make it into a horror show where the Sith Acolyte is just killing Jedi left and right. which they are.

I really hope they get through this little hiccup because apart from all this the show seems really interesting what with all the force blocking that's in this show.

And it seems the show is from the point of view of the Acolyte, that's gonna be interesting.

Force Blocking.


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