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The Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 6&7 the Rising action.

Senator Chuchi and Senator Singh talk

So by the end of episode five the Bad Batch was together and had overcome the scar of betrayal, and the team was one again. So now the set up is done, what now? now the conflict must rise.

And so that is what happens, We begin with a meeting between Senator Chuchi and Senator Singh as they discuss a secret alliance against the empire.

Simultaneously, a rogue clone assassin is captured and on him is found a list of Targets one of which is of course, Omega. and so the batch is called in to warn them and for Crosshair to be questioned by Howzer who of course doesn't trust him given their previous encounter.

Howzer is suspicious of Crosshair

On the other side a secret imperial clone operative is deployed to take care of the situation of a captured operative.

And an old friend of Rex's Wolffe, is set on the task to lead the operation to hunt Omega down.

Again and Again the secret operative follows his own rules proving how dangerous he is, but by the end, Wolffe and Rex simply have a conversation and Rex is let go by Wolffe, even though he is in his words, a traitor.

The main point of this is that clones after everything are united as brothers as the imperial clones take the fallen of Rex's team and give them last rites.

Apart from that there isn't much to say here, the action is Rising and there are a lot of good fights and some call backs, all in all this is more on the action side and the main point is to set up the clone rebellion against the empire as even loyal imperials turn against the empire upon learning of Tantiss or because of Clone unity.

Wolffe respects the fallen of Rex's squad.


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