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Star Wars the Acolyte is turning out to be actually quite amazing, and it might give us more insight as to how the Jedi first started to fall from Grace.

The Sith Acolyte with the Awesome teeth mask

This trailer of Acolyte is actually quite cool, and it would seem, that the plot hole I mentioned in the previous article i did on the Acolyte, will actually be solved, and more so, it will solve a bigger Plot Hole in Star Wars itself.

So for those who haven't read the previous Acolyte article on this website, in that I mentioned that the Jedi believed the Sith to be extinct for over a thousand years, but if that were the case, then why is there a prophecy of the chosen one? Why would the Jedi require someone to destroy the sith and bring balance to the force, if they were already destroyed?

CGI Yoda in Episode 1 with the Visible Confusion meme

It seems that they are going to do something similar to what they did in the high republic novels so far, there's a lot of instances where Yoda just tells the Jedi to not reveal something because the republic will be put in disarray, it seems, that in this instance as well, people will fight a sith, and report it, but it won't be revealed to the public.

Which on that note, this with looks freaking amazing, with the teeth and all.

And the perception of the Jedi at this point in the Republic is definitely quite negative, and for obvious reasons, because they take away children from parents.

Qimir says that the Jedi's  peace is a lie.

And it seems that this series is bring into focus another practice of the Sith, that is that they must earn their lightsabers, which is why this sith is using a knife in the earlier parts of the trailer, it seems the sith will kill a Jedi, take their lightsaber, bleed the crystal, and then we get the line...

Master Sol says what are you

Now, there are some rumblings online that this is going to destroy the legacy of the Jedi, that it is calling them idiots and what not.... And I am like... Do people watch star wars? The Jedi as they were, are wrong... They were always idiots, they just ignore emotions and hope they go away, it seems that people have just forgotten that Yoda's propensity to hide things is taken from the prequels.

It seems they just went ah yes Disney bad, Yoda is old hermit he do not wrong, he do wrong? That's Disney blasphemy, and that's not to say that there was already a lot of vitriol around the Acolyte because of Leslye Headland, and yes, there is something to be said about how under Kathleen Kennedy, the entirety of star wars has been massively agenda driven.

There's been a massive effort to troll and belittle anything that has come from the previous Disney era, which as you know, is not a sore looser thing at all, but all of this, has definitely lead to some disillusionment amongst the older fans and when something like the Acolyte comes along, and Leslye Headland is going around saying once again how they are moving away from George Lucas' idea of balance, of course people are going to find reasons to hate this show.

Because that's how emotions work.

I can sit here and criticize every single person who is criticizing the Acolyte and tell them they are wrong, but that doesn't matter, the people making this show are doing a terrible job marketing it.

Like I don't get it, what is this new strategy of calling things that people love bad and hoping that they show up to this new things that they are propping up instead.

Like who doesn't like the old, Ah that thing you love? That's shit, I am so much better, like yes, that's not snooty and stuck up at all...

Regardless, I am excited for Acolyte, and I am going to cover it fairly, and if things are going the way I think they are, perhaps we will see the prophecy forming in this show, because the with have been thought to be extinct all this time, and then here are the Sith and then someone makes the prophecy and Yoda decides to keep everything but the prophecy hidden and then we go to the prequels.

Begun the Clone Wars has.


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