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Acolyte episode 4, what about the Sith attack on the wookie?

What about the droid attack on the wookies

Ah yes, we are back here again.

You know the last time I was a little... A little concerned about the fact that Anakin was supposed to be the first birth that the Jedi seemed to know about, and also about the fact that thematically it is a bit of a mess to take something that was so pivotal in the original continuity of the story and retroactively make it... Not as unique...

But you know... One can be open about these things, right? Sometimes one needs to take creative liberties with these things.

Also over here we don't care about sexist things like continuity and thematic consistency.

And before I go ahead with writing a super sarcastic article, I will like to point out, that some people are taking their criticism of the show and then directing it towards the fans of the show, which like, all I will say, is that I'm not a preacher, I am just an online blogger who writes articles just because.

But remember the midichlorians? Remember how much the prequels were hated for introducing these things into Star Wars and destroying the Fantasy setting of the Force being a vague energy field.

Yeah that was bad. And people rightfully criticised it, because it wasna thematic mess, but, some people still liked it, and today there has been a resurgence in the critical appeal of the movies. And everyone likes them.

The point I'm trying to make, is not that there will be a critical resurgence in the future for the Acolyte, the point I'm trying to make is, it was once uncool to like what many of the people criticising Acolyte seem to like now.

And so I think I can presume that if you are one such person, you know what it's like to be bullied for what you like, would you ever wish that on someone else?

The show can be criticised without directing anything towards the fans or something minority groups that the creator may like or belong to.

Now, all that put aside.


Ki-Adi Mundi in the Acolyte episode 4

You know, many people memed the third episode for suddenly throwing a flashback our way by using the prequel line by Ki-Adi Mundi where he randomly brings up the Droid attack on the wookies during a very important decision for the Jedi high council.

And it seeme that the creators of this show are going in, in real time and answering the memes by randomly bringing up Ki-Adi and just putting him there, for no reason.

You know another thing that Ki-Adi said during the prequels is...

So... Like one of the ways you could justify the Sith, or a Darkside user being present during this period of the republic even though the council believed them to be extinct is by saying that, this was handled by a small group of Jedi who were all killed by the Darkside user or in other ways.

So, no one heard of them, now I did speculate that Yoda knew about it and covered it up, but Yoda has always had a history of doing things like this, and he does do them for a good reason, no matter how out of place they seem, and also, he doesn't say anything when the sith lord is brought up.

He just keeps his thoughts to himself, which can be again explained as a complexity of his character, but... Ki-Adi? H... He directly said it... And he was incredulous about this... But... Uh...

And there is also the slight fact that until recently Ki-Adi wasn't born until like thirty years later and then the wookiepedea article edited in real time reflect this change as seen in this star wars theory clip.

You know, I was a little zoned out during the show and I just thought okay, this is probably just someone else from the same species, but that would have been another issue, since if you know Ki-Adi Mundi's backstory, it was a big part of it that there were no force sensetive other than him for a long time in his species.... But okay... They'll probably make that a "legend" too.

Look I understand this show won't be kind to the Jedi, but, just retro actively making a guy stupid? Or trying to actively cover up something to their extinction... What the f*ck?

Okay, okay, there is still an argument to be made that he never knew for it to be a sith... I mean he doesn't till now, till now they just think it's a random force user... So... They just won't tell him, he just won't know... Okay... Because Sol is surviving this right? There are four more episodes left over!

I... Okay... Well whatever...

Speaking about the rest of the episode, Osha and Jecki are suddenly friends, just because... And I just.... Idk what to say...

Jecki and Osha in the Acolyte episode 4

There was nothing to establish this, but again, we dont care about sexist things here like continuity and thematic consistency.

Oh, or maybe this is the rashomon effect at play, where we have seen only one side of the story, yeah... Don't you love how you can through something like that out to just defend against anything?

Anyways, this scene of Osha saying goodbye to Jecki, does nothing for this episode, as it doesn't clearly establish Osha's true feelings for why she wants to not face Mae again, and also it just take some conversation with Sol to bring her back just because.

It does however make the later scene where Jecki tells Osha that they are not defined by what they have lost but what they have survived, feel less rushed. Because they established the friendship in this scene, which is rushed... A worthy trade off innit?

But the rest of the episode is just us following two tracks through the jungle after a tracker who needs a tracker to be tracked, named bazil and the other is Mae and Qimir going through the forest and Qimir making it even more obvious that he is the sith lord.

Qimir hangs upside down

My man not only manipulates the shit out of Osha, he also gives away that even though not even bounty hunters will take a step in the forest of Khofar, this guy has, and then suddenly the "master" is here and kills Kelnaca as soon as Mae reveals she won't go through with the deal and is going to turn herself in.

I say master in double quotation marks because I do believe that this is the apprentice in the rule of two, because that is how acolytes are formed, they are not true Sith who are trained by the Apprentice in the Master Apprentice Duo in the Sith Rule of two just like Assaj Ventress or Darth Maul, because of you didn't know, Maul was trained as an assassin by Palpatine when his master Plaguis, was still alive.


The ending is awesome, but what can one say...

This episode exists.

The "master" pushes all the Jedi away


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